Recruitment is not always an easy industry to be in – it’s competitive, fast paced and full of tight deadlines. In the haste to find the best candidate or ensure your client is happy, it can be tempting to go with what you think are the easy options, but in fact they could hamper your good work.

We’ve put together 5 common mistakes to avoid as a PR recruitment consultant, to help you ensure you stay at the top of your game. Read more below and let us know what you think!

1. Avoiding the phone
It’s 2018 right? Who actually uses a phone to call people nowadays? Well, recruiters should. Sure, firing an email over is probably easier, but what shows more interest and commitment? Phone calls are usually a more efficient and effective way of communication and typically lead to results quicker than a trail of emails. A few friendly phone calls with a prospective client could make you stand out from the crowd, whilst taking the time to call your candidates when it’s convenient for them could give you a competitive advantage over your peers, who have just sent an email and hoped for the best.


2. Copying and posting job descriptions
We get it. You’re short on time and you need to get the word out there quickly that you’re recruiting for a new role. The client has given you the job description, so what’s easier than just copying and pasting onto all the job boards? Of course, this will get the job done quickly but does it really sell the opportunity you have on offer?

Take a bit of time to write your own fresh, exciting and attention-grabbing job advert, using your background knowledge of your client, their culture, premises and benefits to make it an unmissable opportunity. Not only will you attract the right candidates, but your client will be able to see the effort you have made to find them the right person for their team too.


3. Ignoring social media
Like it or not, social media is here to stay as a medium for recruitment and with 48% of candidates saying they used social media in their most recent job search (according to research by Jobvite) is it really a source of hiring you can afford to ignore?

Your clients will be on social media too, so make it an active and important part of your day. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, join relevant industry and sector groups, take part in discussions, advertise your roles on Twitter and maybe even look into paid advertising on Facebook to really hit your desired target market.

4. Wasting time trying to source the perfect candidate
Your client may want the perfect candidate, but let’s be honest – we know that doesn’t exist. Part of your job as a recruiter is to offer advice to both job searchers and hiring managers. If you think their essential criteria might be a bit hard to find, explain why and don’t pass up candidates who don’t meet every single bullet point, or you may not find anyone at all.

Sometimes the ‘perfect’ candidate may not have every single technical skill your client wants, but their attitude and personality could be the best fit for the team. Skills can always be taught, but someone’s manner and mindset can’t. If you waste time looking for the elusive perfect candidate, you may miss a real gem along the way.


5. Not following up
One of the most important parts of the job is following up with clients and candidates. If you’re candidate went for an interview, take the time to see how they felt it went, so you have answers for your client or can source something else for them if it wasn’t suitable.

If you recently placed someone into your client’s team, don’t think the job is over – give them a call or send them a note to ask how they are settling in. Not only will it ensure that they know you are interested in how things are going, but it also keeps you at the forefront of their mind should they need any help in the future. You also have the opportunity to ask if they can reccomend anyone in their network for a referal.

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