If you’re graduating this summer, searching for a job is likely to be near the top of your priority list, but which career path is right for you?

You may not have thought of a role in recruitment, but we’ve put together 5 reasons why it’s a brilliant career option for graduates, now and in the future.

1. You get rewarded for how hard you work
Most recruitment roles provide a basic salary with the chance to earn commission on top by meeting targets and making placements, meaning you really do get out what you put into the job. If you work hard, you will reap the rewards, and let’s face it – everyone enjoys earning good money and being recognised for their hard work! One of our Consultants, Emily, says, “I’d never worked in a target-driven role before and to be honest I was pretty nervous. I was worried I might not do well, but if you work hard and are determined to make some decent money, you will be fine!” So, if money motivates you, a job in recruitment can provide great rewards!

2. You’ll never be bored
Recruitment is one role where no two days are ever the same, so you’ll never be clock watching or bored at work. It’s fast paced, challenging and ever changing, so, as our Consultant Charli says, “it keeps each day fresh and exciting.” You will be working with a variety of people completing a range of tasks, from reviewing CVs and interviewing potential candidates, to setting up client meetings and writing job adverts. If you want a job that is interesting and challenging daily, then recruitment could be right for you!

3. Chance to progress
If you’re willing to put in the hard work, there is always a chance to progress in recruitment, from gaining bigger clients to growing your own team in a specific field. Running your own desk in recruitment is a bit like running your own business, so from day one you’ll have a great deal of responsibility to make the role your own. As well as growing within a recruitment agency, the industry can open a lot of doors. Charli explains, “everyone out there needs help finding a job so you will have a choice of paths to follow. You could recruit for any industry, in any country or even take on a more advisory or strategic role. The opportunities are endless!”

4. The chance to learn new skills
Recruitment requires a variety of skills, from marketing your live job roles and searching databases of candidates, to presenting in front of business owners and interviewing applicants. You’ll need brilliant communication and IT skills, good attention to detail, the ability to work within a team and the capability to prioritise your workload, as well as using your own initiative regularly. These skills and more can be learnt from those around you, your peers and more senior members of the team. It’s a great role to broaden your skill set and learn new things daily.

5. Your work matters
Working in recruitment means you’ll touch a lot of people’s lives and make an impact on their futures, hopefully for the better! Your help and support could mean the difference between a candidate landing their dream job or not and that is exciting to be part of. It’s the perfect role for a people-person who loves interacting with those from all walks of life and wants their work to make a difference to others.

The team at Premier Resourcing are always looking for fresh talent to join them. If you’re just out of university and looking for your first step into recruitment, get in touch! Call 0203 585 7286 or email us.

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