The COVID pandemic saw many huge changes for businesses, with remote working being at the forefront of change for many companies – and although the toughest times seem to be behind us, and businesses are picking up again within all sectors, operations within businesses could have now changed forever.

Although remote working does come with some obstacles, once these are conquered, it can prove to be incredibly beneficial, not only for companies but also for employees. And because of this many businesses are now offering a new approach to work, allowing their staff to work remotely at least some of the time, with many even now offering flexible working hours.

This new approach to working has allowed companies to attract the best talent, allowing them to employ staff from further afield and of higher caliber. It has also allowed employee productivity and positivity to increase, allowing staff to feel more valued and to enjoy their work more.

Here at Premier Resourcing, we have definitely embraced the change that the pandemic brought, and are always here to talk to the companies that we work with should they need any advice or information. We have seen a greater number of companies come to us to advertise roles which include remote working and flexible working hours and have noticed the rise in applications of high standard.

We are currently recruiting for roles within the PR, digital, marketing, and integrated communications sectors providing one of the best integrated, yet bespoke recruitment services.

If you are looking to embrace a new opportunity and would like to land your dream job now things are returning to normal, we can assist you. You can browse the jobs we are recruiting for here, or if you would like to speak with one of our consultants, don’t hesitate to get in touch today –





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