Any company which recruits knows that an attention grabbing, well written job advert plays a key role in a smooth hiring process, and with 20% of job hunters revealing that they’d be put off applying to a vacancy that had an unclear job description, it’s vital to get it right, so you’re not missing out on potential candidates. Too long and wordy – people may be put off applying, too short and vague – they won’t know if it’s suitable for them, no salary information – how do they know it’s at their level? You get the idea.

So, what should you be including in your job adverts to attract the candidates you want and is there certain habits you should avoid? We’ve taken the opportunity to delve into this topic deeper below.

Include benefits to the candidate
In a candidate driven market, things have changed. No longer should a job advert be a list of demands that a company wants, with an air of doing any future employee a favour by hiring them. Nowadays strong candidates are much more clued up on what they want from a potential employer and will take the time to assess a job to make sure it is offering everything they desire. You need to focus your job advert on what you can offer them, and as we recently said in our work perks blog, this isn’t necessarily all about salary. Is there room for them to progress? Will they be offered training? What is the holiday package like? And will they be able to work flexibly? These are all things a top notch candidate is likely to consider, so make sure your advert highlights what you can offer a new staff member, especially anything that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Include salary information
Ok we know we said it wasn’t all about salary, but of course, there is a place for this information and although it may not be the most important part of the role to some candidates, most still want to have an idea of pay before applying for a role. Avoid terms like ‘competitive salary’ as candidates tend to believe this equals a low salary. Including the pay rate also helps to pitch the vacancy at the right level, which in turn means you hopefully won’t get too many applications from job hunters who aren’t suitable.


Avoid copying and pasting the job title and description
Of course, applicants need to know what the job will entail, but including a long, laborious list of responsibilities is likely to put even the most hardworking candidate off applying. Your job advert should not be a carbon copy of the job description. List four or five key expectations of the role and a few ‘must haves’ from the successful candidate, then use the rest of the advert to sell your company and inject some personality. Also, be mindful about what job title you use. A lot of job boards have the candidates search for the job title they want, so think about the search terms they may be using and use them to market the role so your advert is found more easily. Just because internally your position has some complicated technical title, it doesn’t mean you have to advertise it in that way,

Avoid unclear instructions
At the end of the day the main goal of your job advert is to get people applying for your vacancy, so make sure they know how to do that. Avoid making the copy hard to read, format it so it is clear and concise and include simple instructions on how to apply – do they need to send a CV, fill out an application form, or give you a ring first before getting to that stage? A clear call to action at the end of the advert will ensure you have people applying.


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