The lockdown has changed how many businesses operate in multiple ways, with businesses facing challenges that they have not faced previously, such as difficulties in recruitment. One way recruiting has changed for businesses is the transition from face-to-face interviewing to video interviewing, however, for the majority of companies this change has proved to be incredibly successful, with many companies now choosing to continue video interviews even after lockdown.

Video interviews offer a multitude of benefits for both recruiters and candidates, and today we are going to be listing just some of these, so that you can determine whether video interviews are right for your business.

Benefits of Video Interviews

Speeds Up Recruitment Process

Using video interviewing especially during the first stages of a recruitment process can allow you to engage with candidates much sooner, and thus allows you to identify the best candidate faster. This can allow you to get your hands on the most perfect candidates for your roles before your competitors. It can also allow you to conduct more interviews in a period of time instead of having to conduct days and days of interviewing.

Reduces the Number of No-Show Candidates, and Unsuitable Candidates

Inviting candidates for face-to-face interviews only for them to not show up is not only incredibly frustrating but can take up valuable time. With video interviews, not only is there more flexibility for candidates to select the best times for them, but also if for any reason they don’t show up, business downtime can be reduced drastically.

Not only this but video interviewing can allow you to learn what you need to know about candidates in an incredibly short amount of time allowing you to quickly determine whether candidates are suitable or not and move on quickly when necessary.

No Geographical Restrictions

With increasing skill shortages in many sectors, including but not limited to IT, engineering and healthcare, video interviewing offers the most perfect solution, allowing for the best talent to attend interviews regardless of the location.

Improves Candidate Engagement with Your Brand

Video interviewing allows you to present your brand/company in the best light possible – allows you to attract and engage with the best possible candidates. With video interviewing you can easily brand your interview process using video introductions and pre-recorded questions. This can be incredibly engaging for clients making them gain a positive impression of your business.

Here to Help

These are of course only some of the benefits of video interviewing, there are many more and here at Premier Resourcing, video interviewing is something that we agree with! If you would like more information or have any questions do not hesitate to contact our team who are always happy to help. You can call our team today on 0203 9841080, or alternatively you can submit your enquiries here –


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