When looking to land your dream job it is vital that you do everything that you can to show that you are the right person for the role right from the start. It is important that your cover letter stands out, you excel in your interview and that you make a good impression during all contact. But how exactly can this be achieved? If you are looking to promote yourself to a company in all the best ways… keep on reading for some top tips!

Know Company and Role Requirements

The first thing that you need to do is identify the competencies that the company you’re looking to work for are requiring and consider how you match those. You should spend time researching the company and think about your values and skills that match theirs. You should anticipate what skills are the most important to the job role advertised and make sure that you address how you can cater for these, demonstrating your relevant skills and attributes.

Showcase Industry Awareness

You must show your recruiter that you have a genuine interest in the field that you are looking to work in and that you understand not only how their company works but their industry as a whole. One way that you can ensure that your awareness is up to date is by reading relevant industry journals, websites, and publications.

Promote your Interpersonal Skills

Ensure that you highlight your interpersonal skills throughout your application process. Talk about how you have previously worked in teams and groups to achieve good results in both your personal and work life and how you have demonstrated valuable skills such as leaderships, negotiation, communication, and persuasion.

Cover Letters Matter

 When applying for any job role, it is important that you provide a cover letter even when they are not required – this will enable you to stand out from the crowd. You should cover the above topics on your cover letter and ensure that your writing is concise and to the point. Make sure that you check for spelling and grammatical errors as this will help to demonstrate that you have effective written communication skills.

Talk to Premier Resourcing

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