Here at Premier Resourcing, we are specialists in Consumer PR Recruitment and can place people in best Consumer PR roles in the Capital and further afield. But what exactly does this mean? What is consumer PR and what’s involved in consumer PR jobs? Keep on reading to find out.

What’s involved in consumer PR jobs?

  • Keeping up to date with relevant news within your businesses industry
  • Keeping an eye out for any news that pertains to your clients
  • Assisting and developing new ways to sell your clients’ items
  • Press release and blog writing
  • Contacting journalists to share press releases and other client stories
  • Assisting in the development of strategic public relations campaigns, which may involve media relations, social media, video, events and more
  • Maintaining relationships with current clients while also keeping an eye out for fresh business opportunities and deals
  • Pitching your ideas to businesses

Skills required for consumer PR jobs

  • Great communications skills (both written and verbal)
  • Great knowledge about the industry that you’re working in
  • Ability to recognise and capitalize on opportunities to market your clients’ story and/or products
  • Excellent presentation skills and public speaking abilities
  • A persuasive personality so that you’re able to sell a story
  • Good management qualities as you will be required to manage both a team in your workplace and clients


If you think a consumer PR job would be perfect for you and would like our help in landing one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today who will be delighted to assist you further.

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