Thinking about changing career to the PR and Marketing sector?

There are some very important skills you need to have to be a successful PR and Marketing professional which you’d use in your day to day.

Here’s what we think the core skills you need to be a successful in a PR and Marketing:

Excellent writing skills – press release writing, reports, proposals, strategy documents.

within PR & Marketing you will be expected to understand and communicate a client’s concept using the right tone of voice and be on brand with your message. If this is an area you’re lacking in experience go read some blogs on topics you find interesting and challenge yourself to write a piece responding to that blog.

Ability to get on the phone and build relationships with journalists and sell in stories to the media.

You probably rely on email to communicate, but picking up the phone and speaking to another person can be massivley a lot more powerful and direct than an email. If you find speaking to people on the phone scary, remember the person on the other end is just that, a person.

Strong account management skills – being organised, detailed, client facing

Are you able to manage your day, juggle 101 things whilst getting projects done to a high standard completed yesterday? The world of PR and marketing is a super fast one and you need to have the skills to keep up. Look at the processes you have with your time management, your attention to detail and how you deal with your own clients.

Event management

Not all roles will require event management, but if it’s a skill you possess it’ll be an area which you can specialise in. Event management comes down super human organisation skills. Not only you’ll need to be on top of everything, you’ll need to make sure you’re exceeding the clients expectations along with making sure the event is a success.

Strong social media /digital skills

Increasingly employers are looking for evidence of candidates understanding the importance of using social media and online campaigns, in additional to traditional print PR skills.

Are there any other key skills you think should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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