Amongst the Covid pandemic that has proved to be both strange and scary for many individuals and businesses, it has been nice to see that the PR industry has managed to hold a strong sense of community spirit, with people continuing to work well together to keep the industry and businesses at the top of their game.

That is why we are here today to share our top tips on how those in the PR industry can work to achieve the best results for themselves and their clients. Here goes:

Top Tips – The Ultimate Covid PR Checklist

Re-define Objectives and Strategies

Amidst the pandemic, strategic planning is more important than ever before, and it is vital that objectives and strategies are monitored constantly. Phased strategies are beneficial, you should not only look at the long picture but also what needs doing immediately in the days to come. You should also start planning for when things return to normal, after all this hopefully should not be long now.

Preparation is Key

It is important that you now ensure that you are prepared for all possible scenarios in relation to Covid. For example, are you prepared for an employee contracting Covid-19 and it escalating to media? Have you got answers for any possible customer/client concerns? Handling this correctly is vital, not only now, but going forward too.

Keep on Communicating!

With much of the world going quiet it is important that you try to keep up your communications. Even if your business has been temporarily affected you need to keep in touch with your communities. You can do this by continuing to send out regular newsletters and keeping on top of your social media platforms.

Continue to Measure and Analyse

If your business has been affected there is no doubt that your traffic, custom and engagement will have been affected – But this does not mean you should stop measuring and analysing your metrics. It is especially important that you keep on top of customers/clients’ comments and feedback to ensure that you can perfect your business and services.

Spread the Love!

The world is in a very tough place right now and it is vital that we can work together to get through this. You should think about what you as a business can do to spread love and make a difference – remembering even the tiniest of things can change someone’s day, or even life.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions in relation to the PR industry and the Covid pandemic, or perhaps want to plan ahead for when the world returns to normal, our team are still contactable in the usual ways, and always more than happy to help –

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