There’s a lot of elements to a successful interview, but we’ve focused in on five points which will help kick off your interview on the right path.


The interviewer will expect to see your smartest, most professional side during this meeting. Those of you with a laid back manner should aim to sit up straighter, for example!

First impressions matter:

Personality, firm handshake, remember to Smile, make eye contact. Dress should be smart unless stated otherwise.


Be punctual. If you do find yourself unavoidably delayed, notify the company immediately giving the reason and your estimated time of arrival.


Ensure a strong handshake and smile on first meeting, and maintain a high level of eye contact throughout.

Be alert, keen and enthusiastic. If more than one candidate is suitable for the job, it will often go to the candidate who shows most interest in and desire to do the role in question.

Provide tangible examples:

It is useful to be able to bring an A3 or A4 sized portfolio of your work to you at interview stage. Make sure you have organised this to include high profile coverage achieved. Releases you have written. Photos of events, examples of marketing literature/collateral produced. Ensure the examples you show are relevant to the consultancy/company you are meeting. Take no more than 5-10mins to walk through; highlight any examples you were instrumental in delivering or developing.

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