When it comes to hiring good managers and leaders for your company, you need to look beyond a person’s technical talents and abilities and evaluate additional personal attributes and soft skills, such as whether or not they are empathic. Empathy is essential for excellent leadership and choosing leaders who have a high level of empathy will make a significant difference in how your company functions.

Leaders and supervisors that display empathy are better able to comprehend their teams’ requirements and are more aware of their employees’ thoughts and feelings, resulting in happier workplaces.

Not only is it possible to employ management and leaders that already hold great empathy skills, but fortunately for all, empathetic leadership can be learned. So, if you are not currently looking to employ new staff and simply want to coach your current management into improving their empathy skills, here are a few things that you can do:

Talk about the value of empathy in the workplace.

Talk to your leaders and ensure that they understand the importance of empathy. Explain that their need to give time and attention to those working under them so that effectiveness and performance can be enhanced.

Teach listening skills.

Make sure that your management know how to be good listeners, so that staff feel as though they can be heard whenever they express concerns and problems. Leaders being good listeners is vital to allowing staff to grow and develop within their careers and allows individuals to overcome obstacles which they may face.

Teach staff how to spot signs of burnout in others.

Management needs to be able to spot signs of overwork in their team before burnout becomes an issue. This can be easy to do and really can be as simple as them taking a few extra minutes each week to check in with team members to see how their handling their current workload.

These are just some of the things that you can do. If you want to discuss this with our team or have any questions about the services that we offer here at Premier Resourcing, don’t hesitate to get in touch today – Our team would love to help you!


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