Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic the jobs market is more competitive than ever. London is a thriving hub of diversity so as you can imagine, what candidates can offer varies massively. People from all walks of life with different levels of experience and education are all fighting it out for digital PR and marketing jobs in London. How can you make sure that you and your CV stand out amongst the hundreds – or even thousands – of other applicants?

Our single biggest piece of advice is: highlight what makes you different.

 If you’re applying for marketing or PR positions, be aware that experience sometimes outweighs qualifications. It very much depends on the company that is seeking a candidate – but the main point is, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t rely on your qualifications or experience to set yourself apart, when it’s likely there are plenty of other applicants that are at the same level as you.

So if you can’t rely on your qualifications to help you out, what about your experience?

The best thing about experience is that you’ve learnt on the job and dealt with situations as they happen. Be it resolving a technical issue with the website or scoring a difficult interview, these are the successes you should be highlighting on your CV.

Demonstrate how you have brought real value in the past. Whatever the job, even if it’s completely unrelated to the position you’re applying for. Show that you can solve problems and think on your feet. Give the company trust that, if they were to hire you, you could meet the responsibilities and challenges of the role.

Soft Skills for Success


The vast majority of our communication is digital now. Are your emails always a hit? Are you a whizz on Zoom? Get it on your CV! Being able to effectively communicate via email and voice or video call is essential for pretty much any digital marketing role. Include any examples where your communication has resulted in a positive thing. It paints you in a good light too!

 Showcase your personality

Companies are more focused on culture than ever before. Many pride themselves on providing a workplace that gives employees a flexible and comfortable place to work. To provide that, every person must be a ‘right fit’ for the business – and that can vary massively from business to business. Generally, companies are looking for:

  • Positivity
  • Willingness to learn and improve
  • Great communication skills

If you manage to score an interview, that’s an even better opportunity to get to know more about the company – and show them exactly how you can fit in. Equally, it allows you to see if it’s somewhere you actually want to work.

Business skills

An understanding of general business strategy, sales and finance gives you a broader view of the company’s objectives. You can lean on this in your CV, application letter and interview to relate your unique skills and experience. So if a company wants to increase profits and you’re applying for a marketing role, you could use an example of a successful campaign in the past and how much revenue / profit it generated.

Check out the company you’re applying for

Applicants can get so caught up in applying for jobs and getting interviews that they don’t give much thought to whether they actually want to work for that company. It’s important that you believe in their vision and hold the same values – are you completely focused on success, or do you desire to help team members learn and grow?

Any information you can get on the company will give you a stronger foundation for conversation when it comes to the interview stage. Your interview will likely be a video interview and small talk is a great way to avoid any awkward silences. It also proves you’ve done your research – and research is an integral part of marketing and PR.

Use a specialist recruiting company

It is literally a recruiter’s job to find you a great new job. The jobs market is so diverse that choosing an industry-specific recruiter is key. Premier Resourcing is a digital marketing and PR specialist in London so if you’re on the hunt for a new challenge, register your details with us and the wait will soon be over.


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