With 260 million active users and two new members joining every second, LinkedIn is easily the largest social networking site for professionals in the world.

61 million users of the platform are senior level influencers, according to stats by Omnicore Agency, and 40 million are in decision-making positions, so if you’re in the market for a new job, LinkedIn is unquestionably the place to be.

It’s also the number one source of quality hires for recruiters (LinkedIn Talent Solutions),but with so many millions of profiles, how do you make sure yours is the one that catches the eye of that potential new employer?

We’ve put together some top tips to help you ensure your profile stands out from the crowd.

Make sure the basics are covered
No one wants to connect with a faceless profile and recruiters won’t think about hiring someone when they don’t know what experience they already have. Make sure your profile is up to date with a recent picture and one that is professional – a head and shoulders photograph usually works best – it’s the first impression viewers will get of you after all. Keep your positions and experience relevant and current too. You don’t want potential employers or headhunters thinking you’re still at junior level when you’re actually now working with big name brands.

Create a unique headline
Did you know that your headline on LinkedIn (the text that shows up right below your name on your profile) doesn’t have to be your job title followed by your current company name? Although default settings will fill it in automatically as that, you can actually change it to whatever you want it to be! Add a little bit of personality to it, use it as a short advert of who you are and what you can do and make recruiters want to click on your name to find out more.

Include examples of your work
For every position that you put on your LinkedIn profile, the site gives you the option to upload or link to examples of your work. You can add documents or photos, link to websites, or share videos and presentations, so use the opportunity to show off your achievements. If you’ve produced a particularly great pitch presentation or have a video showcasing your best PR campaigns, here is the place to put them to demonstrate to potential employers exactly what you can do.

Build your recommendations
What’s better when you’re looking to hire someone new, than knowing others have already had good experiences of their work? That’s the whole point of recommendations on LinkedIn and it’s really important you include some on your profile – they’re individual to you and the key to helping you stand out. Countless peers may have the same sort of experience as you, but recommendations are unique. Think of people that you’ve built a good working relationship with in the past and ask them to write a short paragraph recommending your work. It’s easy to do and you’ll hopefully end up with some great feedback that will catch the eye of other LinkedIn users.

Keep your page active
Don’t forget that LinkedIn is not just an online CV – it’s a social networking site and that’s what it should be used for. Get involved with the community on LinkedIn and you’ll get to know people who could help you with your career in the long run. Join groups specific to your industry, join in conversations, comment on people’s posts and upload your own articles and thoughts on relevant sector stories. The more active you are, the more engagement you will receive from other users and the more your name will become prominent in your field. It’s a great way to meet people and share ideas too, and who knows where those professional relationships could lead?

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