There’s no telling how your skills could further your career and fulfil your goals. Having a ‘digital backup’ that showcases who you are and what you do is a great way to set yourself apart from other people in your field, and ultimately progress your career and propel you towards your long-term goals. 

It’s competitive in the digital marketplace. Shout about your achievements. Any role involves challenges, KPIs and important metrics. As a good marketer, you should be able to show how you can succeed and adapt, be it in your current role or a personal project. 

Here are a few ways to get started showcasing your skills online.

Social media

The best platform will depend on the content you’re producing, but nowadays social media is a great place to showcase your knowledge and build a brand for yourself. Being active in communities and getting involved in conversations is a great way to make connections. The number of people making a living from Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn is proof of the appetite for authentic content from real people. 

The Dots is a platform for creatives to share their work. Twitter is great for in-the-moment conversation. LinkedIn is the place to demonstrate your knowledge or research. Instagram is perfect for visual storytelling. There are tons of forums to get involved with industry discussions too.

Your working documents

The spreadsheets, presentation docs, reports and other documents you use are the perfect way to showcase your work – because it is your work. Showcasing how you manage your contacts, campaigns, and other responsibilities demonstrate your abilities and why someone should invest in you.

A website

A website is the solid long-term solution for an online portfolio. You can completely customise and control your content to represent your personality. If you want to offer services, a website gives you tons of functionality for payments and integrations to engage with your visitors. 

What may not appeal to everyone is the time and financial investments of a website. While domain names can be bought cheaply, you also need to pay for hosting which is usually charged on a monthly or yearly basis. Then there’s the time commitment to building and maintaining a website. Your website can be as simple or complex as you like, but it will require some time investment.

In conversation

Online video has become the new way of communicating – and that’s all about conversations. Being able to just talk about your work and your experience goes a long way to building trust and showing how much you know about a subject.

Getting started with a portfolio

Knowing where to start can be difficult. Premier Resourcing can support you in building a portfolio that demonstrates your skills to get you the digital marketing job you want. We are a specialist PR, digital communications recruitment consultancy based in London. We work with global communications agencies, international clients and London-based businesses to land you the perfect role in digital marketing or PR. Get in touch to get started!


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