December can be an odd month. Typically you’re busier than ever, to compensate for the long Christmas break (if you’re lucky). At the same time, you may be tempted by a personalised shopping recommendation and get distracted browsing for Christmas presents or watching Christmas music on YouTube. Something about the holiday season makes it feel a little more acceptable to procrastinate a bit – as long as you get your work done!

The problem is a quick Google search can soon lead you down an Amazon rabbit hole, and before you know it you’ve spent half an hour adding things you probably won’t buy to your basket. It’s not exactly productive.

But if you do it right, a quick ‘browsing break’ a few times a day can actually boost your productivity and efficiency. So, read on to see how you can get away with having a guilt-free Google and work better too.

4 ways to be more productive at work

Monitor & track your time

Working efficiently is about making the most of your time. To do that, you need to know how long you need to spend on your tasks. Start keeping track of how long it takes to complete your tasks and use it to plan your days more effectively. Speaking of which, it’s really important to…

Structure your days

Structuring your day can really help if you’re one of those people that tends to flit between tasks. For example, set aside some time to check your emails. Give yourself fifteen minutes to check your emails, whenever you like in the day, but don’t keep going back to your inbox outside of that time.

Say no to push notifications

If you’ve watched The Social Dilemma you’ll know that push notifications are literally designed to pull you away from whatever you’re doing. Turn off push notifications, desktop notifications and any other type of popup for anything that isn’t really important. That way, it can’t distract you as you’re getting stuck into something.

Set your own deadlines

If you have a deadline of Friday, try setting your own self-imposed deadline for Wednesday. A manageable, low amount of stress can actually improve your focus and make you work more efficiently. Plus, getting your work done early means you can enjoy the greatest Christmas adverts of all time.

Remember your wins

We all suffer a lack of motivation from time to time, and to get out of a slump it can be really helpful to reflect on your successes and the times you were really proud of what you’ve done. 

Staying motivated at work

We’re all motivated by different things. Salary, career opportunities, job perks, learning opportunities, location – the list goes on. All that matters is, what motivates you? If you’re lacking inspiration at work and struggling to love what you do, consider doing it somewhere else.

And if that something is digital marketing or PR, Premier Resourcing is here to help you find a new job.

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