In 2020, ‘taking care of your workforce’ has a different meaning than if you were to say it 20 years ago. Our knowledge of mental and physical health has grown hugely – as has our understanding of how the workplace can impact these things on an individual and organisational level – even at society level.

Employee health risks and how to avoid them

Invest in good quality furniture

Invest in good quality furniture. Chairs that aren’t ergonomically designed are not only uncomfortable – they can be damaging to posture. An incorrect posture over a period of time can actually lead to health problems which commonly include back problems, muscle aches, tension headaches, migraines and even arthritis.

Focus on training

Speaking of training, that is something you should always be looking to provide your staff. We’re not just talking about the typical health and safety stuff – we mean training that is actually going to help employees do their jobs better. It could be a course, seminar or an event. Invest in training your employees and they will feel valued, empowered and skilled up to provide greater value to your business. It’s an all round win!

Be mindful

Awareness of mental health has exploded over the last few years which has led to many companies revising their policies to provide more support for employees suffering with mental health issues. Almost 20% of UK adults suffer from anxiety or depression in some form – and you need to make sure you are providing the support your employees need. You have a responsibility for their wellbeing and your policies – and culture – should be mindful of mental health and provide a supportive hand.

Create a culture

One of the biggest causes of workplace anxiety is bullying – and bullying is often down to a poor culture. A workplace culture has a huge effect on the overall ‘feeling’ of a company and a toxic culture will repel potential candidates and your current employees.

Creating a positive culture is no easy task but the difficulty is worth it. Empower your staff to perform at their best and meet objectives. Incentivise good performance. Recognise achievements. Focus on the positive,not the negative – on improvements that need to be made, not failures.

Finding the right employees

To support the right culture, you need the right employees. Someone could look perfect on paper, but you may just not ‘click’. A CV may lack half of the criteria you’re looking for, but if the candidate fits perfectly with your team, they’re at least worth considering, right?

Of course, all of this prospect vetting is incredibly time-consuming. So let the professionals at Premier Resourcing handle it for you. We’re a dedicated team of marketers and PR professionals turned recruiters, giving us the inside knowledge that’s needed to match candidates and roles. Want to know how? Get in touch!




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