Having positive relationships at work can increase your productivity and make going to work every day more enjoyable. A pleasant workplace is built on getting along with others. When there is a lack of respect, communication, and tolerance at work, relationships can suffer. Due to individual prejudices or conflicts, tolerance in theory and practice can be difficult in any environment, but it can be especially difficult in the workplace.

What is tolerance?

Tolerance is just having an open mind while interacting with others who are different from you due to our intrinsic and acquired individual characteristics. Regardless of potential discrepancies in values, beliefs, and ideas, it is a good rule of thumb to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Tips for tolerance in the workplace

 It must be emphasised that both the boss and the employee are accountable for tolerance. Remember that promoting tolerance is a personal duty that can be strengthened by organisational efforts. Although there isn’t a fool proof strategy for every circumstance, following these guidelines will unquestionably get you headed in the right direction.


  • Respecting and appreciating others’ differences
  • Providing a place where people may be themselves regardless of how they differ from one another politically, temperamentally, racially, or otherwise
  • When feasible, team members should work together in a collaborative environment where others are encouraged to offer ideas, have constructive disagreements, and come to choices together.
  • Team members should set an example for the behaviour they desire and anticipate from others.

By accepting the differences between your personal and professional relationships, you’ll foster a better understanding, better working relationships, and ultimately increased workplace productivity. All employees in within a company should make it a daily commitment to embrace tolerance.


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