If the global pandemic has taught us anything it’s that rapid transformation is achievable when the purpose is great enough. 

For the digital industry, it has accelerated the acceptance of remote working. When we were launched into work-from-home with immediate effect, none expected us to be still doing it nine months later. Many companies plan to change their remote working policy in the long term, giving rise to a whole new world of opportunities. 

Reasons to be positive 

Ditch the commute

No more being packed on to the tube like sardines or waiting in endless traffic. On average, we spend an hour a day commuting – that’s 221 hours a year. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time!

Broader opportunities

You could live in Nottingham and work in Northumberland. Your skills could be exactly what a company is looking for. Now, you can look further afield for that perfect role.

The potential for better pay

Those that don’t live in cities can now apply for city roles that typically have a higher salary. Meanwhile, senior roles are opened up to a wider talent pool.

Flexible working hours

Gone is the rigidity of the 9 to 5. Most employers can accommodate a change to start and finish times as long as you can still do your job.

Will the office become a thing of the past?

It’s only early days of long-term remote working on a wider scale, but as companies adapt and become more flexible, will the office become a thing of the past? 

Getting a PR job in 2021

There’s been a shift to how businesses view communications and the part it plays in their strategy. Businesses need to be prepared and the PR industry is evolving to become more than public and media relations but to crisis management and continuity too.

It’s an exciting time to be in PR. The decade ahead could be as transformative as the last was for online marketing. It’s a great time to bring specialist skills from outside the industry or think about niching down if you already work in PR. 

What businesses want from PR & communications

Creativity: being able to engage customers, clients, and stakeholders alike, across media platforms, takes creativity. 

Immediacy: if a news story breaks or something goes viral, a company wants to know about it – immediately. Using tools for social listening and mentions of a brand or company is vital for getting a handle on a story.

Innovation: trying new ways to track and measure campaign success by deriving insights from various data sources.

Premier Resourcing has been getting people like you PR jobs throughout the pandemic. We’re here to support and guide you in the search for a new PR role whether you’re just starting out, fancy a change or want to apply for one of our vacancies. Reach out for a chat with one of our recruitment consultants and we’ll be in touch.



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