When looking for a job, one of the key things that candidates look for is job security so that they can focus on doing a great job and developing their careers. Because of this it is vital that employees offer job security where possible when looking to attract the best talent.

What is Job Security?

Job security is simply an assurance that an employee can keep their job in the foreseeable future. This is obviously important to employees, but job security can also offer benefits to employers as employees that have job security often work harder and are more productive.

Advantages of Job Security

Job security allows employees to settle down in a long-term position to advance their careers. Employees with long-term commitments in their careers usually have a better chance of achieving their career goals than those in constant fear of losing their jobs.

  • Job security allows for a more relaxed atmosphere in the workplace.
  • Job security makes for greater employee engagement, with more satisfied employees leading to a reduced chance of employee turnover.
  • A secured job improves employee’s efficiency levels and productivity
  • Employee job security can improve the company’s financial statements bottom line, mainly due to the reduced recruitment expenses
  • Established job security also can also increase a company’s reputation and image. Many clients prefer to work with companies that treat their employees well

These are only some of the advantages 😊

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