In recent months, the eyes of the world’s media have been heavily on Britain, particularly the capital of London, whilst the issue of Brexit is discussed and debated at every turn.

With the outcome of the situation still uncertain, and businesses unclear about the full impact that it will eventually have, some professionals in the PR sector may question whether the bustling city will keep its reputation as the capital of the PR world, and the only city to be if you want to create a buzz or make it in this vibrant industry.

Is Brexit threatening to become a burden in the PR sphere of London or is the city still holding on to the title as the centre of PR in Europe?

At the heart of this fast-paced world, Premier Resourcing work with some of the top PR consultancies, agencies, in house communications and marketing teams across the country, recruiting the best talent to fill B2B PR jobs in London, Consumer PR jobs, Financial PR jobs and more.

“There has been uncertainty over Brexit across all industries in the UK, but we haven’t really seen a slowdown in clients winning business here in the capital”, commented Sam Parker, Principal Consultant at Premier Resourcing. “Companies are still looking to grow their teams, still being successful in business deals and still looking towards the future with positivity.”
That said it the is important companies invest in long term strategies and think about the future when it comes to recruitment – to ensure they continue to build successful teams that win clients and business whether trade agreements with the EU and the rest of the world change or not.

“We would advise our clients and other companies to prepare for Brexit by nurturing and investing in staff to retain talent, while planning ahead with recruitment and contingency strategies to avoid shortfalls, but to also rest assured that London is still a massive hub of activity and creative talent and the capital is still buzzing for PR & comms”, continued Sam.

Even amongst the Brexit backdrop UK companies are still winning business and looking to grow their teams. People still recognize the city as an influential place, and this is unlikely to change any time soon. There could be concerns that London’s reputation has been damaged because of the politics surrounding the capital but its history seems to be outweighing that at the moment.

Sam concluded, “Whatever happens with Brexit, there is still a wealth of talent, skills, energy and opportunities here in London and that won’t just disappear when the deal is done, whichever way it goes.”

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