Making the decision to move jobs is never easy. If you’re thinking about whether it’s time to call it quits in your current role, here are 6 signs it’s time to call it a day.

6 signs it’s time to move jobs

You’re counting the hours

If you’re counting the hours ‘til you can clock off, it’s a clear sign that you’ve lost motivation. Maybe you’re not feeling challenged, or you’re not getting the salary you deserve. Maybe you’ve progressed as far as you can within the company, or you’re simply fed up with the same work. Whatever the reason, a lack of motivation at work is a sure sign to consider a job move.

You’re not getting paid

Your salary should reasonably reflect your responsibilities. If you feel you’re not getting your fair share, and speaking with your boss hasn’t resulted in any feedback or opportunity for progression, it’s time to seriously think about whether you want to stay. With remote job opportunities on the increase, salaries are becoming more competitive. Check out our current vacancies in London.

You’re not learning

No role is stagnant in the digital marketing landscape. Even if you’re not learning something brand new every day, you should still be actively developing your skills and learning new ones. If you’re in a position where your routine really is the same day-in, day-out, you owe it to yourself to look for a role where you feel reasonably challenged.

You don’t get feedback

We need feedback to advance personally and professionally. If you’re not getting any feedback from your manager, it could be a sign they’re not serious about investing in your professional development. You could set your own goals and use them as proposals for a pay rise or promotion – especially if you can demonstrate profit to the business. Or you could use the same approach to show your worth in a job interview!

Conversation doesn’t come easy

Even while working at home, we spend hours with our colleagues between Zoom meetings, emails and instant messages. That’s a lot of time to spend with people that are difficult to talk to. You should be able to get along with the people you work with and make small talk in the time you’re ‘just waiting for so-and-so to join’. If not, it’s worth assessing how much of an impact that has on your overall job satisfaction.

People leave regularly

A high turnover of staff can be a warning sign that other companies are offering something that your workplace isn’t, be it better working conditions, more competitive salaries or greater prospects. Find out the reasons people are leaving – they could apply to you too, leaving your options open.

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If you find yourself in agreement with 2 or more of those signs, it’s time to look for new opportunities. Even if you don’t apply for a job or see a role you’re interested in right away, it’s giving you a feel for the market and the type of job you can see yourself in. We’re here when you’re ready!


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