Recruitment is transforming and becoming more competitive than ever before. With businesses across the country finding it harder to recruit staff with the relevant skills, they are often turning to third parties, such as agencies, to help them fill their vacancies.

But how are recruiters sourcing candidates in 2018? Is the job board still an effective way of finding the right person for the role, or is headhunting becoming the most successful approach to filling that space in a team?

Job boards have long been an essential tool for any recruiter, and are still really the bread and butter of any recruitment strategy. For the majority of people actively seeking work, the online job boards will also be their first port of call and job adverts live on these no doubt still provoke interest and bring in applications; whether they are from workers with the right skills and qualifications is a different question. Whilst job boards are popular and can cater for generalist roles to the more specific opportunity, there is sometimes the issue that with so many jobs being posted, it can be a minefield of adverts with your vacancy occasionally getting lost in the flurry of activity.

Additionally job boards are only going to be used by people actively looking for their next role, but just because someone isn’t currently doing this, it doesn’t mean they aren’t open to the amazing opportunity you have to offer! This is where headhunting comes into play for recruiting the most suitable people for a business, and with social media and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn rapidly growing, this has fast become an efficient way of finding suitable candidates over the past couple of years.

LinkedIn has recently stepped up its game even further in this area and we have noticed a direct impact on where our candidates are coming from as a result of this.

Professionals can now use the ‘open to new opportunities’ function on their profile, which allows recruiters with LinkedIn Pro licenses to see that they are receptive to hearing about new vacancies. 63% of candidates we have placed in the last quarter were sourced in this way – headhunting primarily via LinkedIn versus all other combined mediums.

Whilst this statistic proves that there is definitely a place for headhunting, whether it is really taking over from job boards is a question that remains to be answered definitively.

Here at Premiere Resourcing, we believe there is still a place for both methods in this fast paced industry and we use an assortment of tried and tested techniques to find the right candidates for our clients. Every person is different so we recognise that one manner of recruitment is not going to work for all and we take pride in being able to source people via a variety of means, for a range of different skills and sectors.

If you’re looking to recruit into your PR or comms team, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team of consultants can offer advice on the current market and help you to find the perfect person to join your company.  



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