It is important that employers are now able to take the mental health of their employees seriously, and by now all employers should be taking steps to consider their employees wellbeing. There are numerous ways they can accomplish this, and we’ll simply go over a few today so you can see if your company acknowledges and cares about your well-being. Here goes…

What Your Company Should be Doing

  • Employers should always adhere to their ‘Duty of Care’. This means that they should make sure that the workplace is safe, carry out regular risk assessments and protect staff from all types of discrimination.
  • Your employer should make you feel like you can talk openly about your mental health. Doing this can improve overall morale in the workplace and lead to staff taking less time off. It can be good practice for managers to have regular one-on-ones with team members, giving them a chance to open up and discuss their worries.
  • Your employer should provide you with regular breaks where you can talk to fellow workers.
  • Employers taking mental health and wellbeing seriously often plan teambuilding activities allowing employees to form connections with each other, so they have more people to talk to.
  • More recently a rising number of employers are introducing flexible working hours and the option to work from home so that each team member can find the best working hours for them. This has had a huge impact on employee wellbeing and improved a vast number of businesses functionality massively.

If you have any questions about this or are perhaps a business owner looking to improve the ways that you look after your employees, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Premier Resourcing Team today.

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