The COVID-19 pandemic meant that many businesses had to switch to flexible working arrangements with many employees changing to remote working and working from home. For many businesses this was not a choice, and the changes had to be made in line with government guidelines, however, many employers quickly realised the benefits and advantages that remote working offered and have since decided to implement it in their businesses going forward in some manner.

Since the COVID pandemic there has been a huge increase in flexible hours and remote-working arrangements, especially in the capital, with many employees no longer having to commute into the capital every day and instead able to work from home some or most of the time.

With many businesses realising that job flexibility and remote working can be adapted without causing harm to productivity, it is thought that many others will quickly catch on and these agreements will come much more common in the future.

Benefits of Flexible Work Arrangements for Employers and Employees


  • Flexible working arrangements can assist in recruiting efforts
  • Flexible working arrangements can enhance worker morale
  • Flexible working arrangements can assist in managing employee attendance and reducing absences
  • Flexible working arrangements can improve the retention of good workers
  • Flexible working arrangements can boost productivity
  • Flexible working arrangements creates a better work/life balance for workers
  • Flexible working arrangements allows business continuity during emergency circumstances such as weather disasters and pandemics

These are only some of the benefits of introducing job flexibility for your employees too, if this is something that you would like to discuss further, our team are always on hand for a chat, and happy to offer expert advice where possible. –

We are also currently recruiting for a number of top jobs in the capital that are offering job flexibility, so if job flexibility is something that you are now searching for, don’t hesitate to take a look at what’s available today. –



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