We’ve all been working from home for a while now – in fact some people are slowly drifting back to the office. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gotten easier. Now the novelty has worn off, it can be easier to allow yourself to get distracted. 

The first rule of being more productive? Stay away from social media. All of it!

How to avoid procrastinating when working from home

If you’re not in the typical office environment, maybe with your boss looking over your shoulder, it can be easy to start procrastinating or just getting distracted by something work-related or otherwise!

So if you’re having trouble keeping your mind on the task at hand, we’ve got some tips to help. We’ve scoured the hundreds of work-from-home related articles that have been published recently to bring you the top tips to avoid procrastination when working from home. Enjoy!

Most likely the biggest problem people have with working from home is the lack of schedule. The typical workday routine, from the alarm to break times, has been thrown into disarray. It’s bound to take some time to get used to. So our first piece of advice is to set a clear schedule. Stick to your usual work hours and factor in your break times like normal.

Break large tasks down into smaller tasks. A large task can seem daunting and that often leads to procrastination. If you break it into smaller tasks, it appears much more manageable. Plus each time you complete one you get a small feeling of success and satisfaction. It’s a win win!

If you find yourself consistently putting off a certain task, it could be because you’re not fully sure what to do. In the  office, situations like this are easier to solve, by asking the right person face to face. It can be difficult to have this type of interaction over email, phone or Zoom – because we tend to dislike showing uncertainty. To avoid this situation, ask for clarity on any task you’re unsure of. Tag the relevant people in the comments so they’re notified, and be sure to follow up in good time if you get no reply. That way, you can’t get held up waiting for information. 

It sounds obvious but you need to remove yourself from distractions! Family members and people you live with can be surprisingly ignorant of the restraints of working from home. They might expect that, because you’re home, it means you can drop work to help them out with something or go out. If you create a work setup in a quiet space, it’ll be easier to tune out and focus on work. If you’re stuck for space, get creative! We’ve heard tales of people using ironing boards as desks. This article is brought to you from a laptop on a chest of drawers so it can be used as a desk. You gotta do what you gotta do!

Keep a positive mindset

Perhaps most importantly of all, try to keep a positive mindset. We’re all in this uncertainty. Remember to stick to your schedule and be prepared for occasional distractions. We’ll ride this storm out together.

Stay safe and healthy! Best wishes from all the team at Premier Resourcing.


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