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If you’re looking for marketing jobs in London or marketing agency jobs in London, then look no further. We believe marketers play pivotal roles in shaping business plans and achieving targets. This can be through innovating products and refreshing brands, to finding new ways of reaching and engaging a target audience. Effective marketing allows businesses to continue long lasting relationships with their target audience and customers, which isn’t a quick fix. We are passionate about both content manager jobs marketing and recruitment and love what we do.

Traditional marketing still has a role to play

We believe traditional marketing still has an important role place in marketing plans, which is why we haven’t neglected candidates and roles that cover these channels. A lot of businesses can’t and don’t just rely on digital presence to promote their brand or product. Here’s the areas we support on and experience we look for;

  • Brand – ATL advertising, promotions, brand refreshes, brand guidelines, tone of voice, guardianship and shopper marketing.
  • Product – NPD, product positioning, digital product ownership, competitor analysis, market analysis and product road mapping.
  • Campaign/CRM – email, direct marketing, retention and loyalty schemes, integrated campaign management and CRM integration.
  • Digital Marketing – SEO, PPC, social media, affiliate marketing, video content, UX and UI.
  • Insight & Analysis – category management, analytics and insight.
  • Events – exhibitions, conferences, seminars, challenge events and mass participation events.

Whether you’re in a channel ownership role, content director job in London, strategic marketing role or you’re integrated with digital marketing, we want to speak to you. We support Brand Managers within FMCG, Product Managers working for Software providers, Campaign Managers within Leisure/Travel, Acquisition Marketing Managers for Universities, Retention Marketing Managers within Retail/E-commerce and many others.

Digital marketing jobs, it’s the present and the future

Digital marketing jobs in London are the present and the future. Whether you’re a PPC Specialist, Social Media Manager, Brand Manager etc. or you could be a generalist Digital Marketing Manager that covers all the above. Digital channels have become the most prominently used due to their effectiveness, value and ease of analysis. Here’s an intro to the channels and experience we look at;

  • Organic – all web traffic from search engines. How have you used SEO and what was the impact on web traffic?
  • Paid search – have you worked on SEM or PPC campaigns? What paid ads have you done and what was the outcome?
  • Email – has this been promotional, triggered emails or transactional emails? How did this effect web traffic? How big are the email lists you’ve used?
  • Content – what content have you produced? Was it videos, blogs etc.
  • Social media – which networks have you utilised? Have you grown the presence? Was it free or paid?
  • Affiliates – which websites/businesses have you partnered with and what impact did this have on sales?
  • UX/Customer journey – how did you simplify the conversion process? What have you done to improve conversion rates?

The content PR jobs channels used and how effective they are differ from sector to sector. It really comes down to the target audience and the route to market the business uses. This is worth considering when looking for roles; analysing your experience and relating this to the business and role you’re looking at.

Other things to consider

Skill sets and channels used are transferable across content executive jobs in London, but business cultures and ways of working can change in different size businesses. Do you enjoy the fast pace of a start-up or being a channel specialist at a bigger business. We work with start-ups, scale-ups, SME’s and global organisations, with each one providing unique challenges and opportunities.

What sectors have you worked in and enjoyed. Do you enjoy working on brand for a confectionary company, or B2B marketing campaigns for a complex software provider. We cover all sectors including; FMCG, consumer durables, retail, leisure/travel, hospitality, technology, SaaS, financial services, healthcare PR jobs, charity and education.

Marketing agency jobs & career progression

Marketing agency jobs in London can provide a career and not just a job.  Team sizes vary hugely but you will always be learning and developing professionally as you gain more seniority and take on more challenges. When starting out in marketing, covering all the channels is a great way to develop a wider marketing knowledge, but you will get to know where your ability and enjoyment lies the most.

Your career can take one of two paths; channel specific or campaign/project management. Channel specific career paths could be focused on Email, SEO, PPC, Content, Events, Social media jobs in London, Product, UX etc. If you aspire to be a Head of Digital or Marketing Director, understanding and experience working across multiple channels will play an important factor when operating strategically and tactically.

Marketing assistants and executive are typically entry-point positions suitable for either recent graduates or candidates with past internship and work experience.  These titles can differ across sector. In Retail, Leisure/Travel and FMCG you may see the title ‘Assistant Brand Manager’ instead of Marketing Executive. The roles may differ slightly, but they will both focus on tactical delivery of projects including:

  • Social media content
  • Writing and sending of email campaigns
  • Producing content on multiple platforms
  • Ensuring brand guidelines and tone of voice is consistent
  • Basic SEO and PPC tasks
  • Admin and project support

Marketing, Digital and Brand Managers take on a more senior role. These roles are an extension of the Executive level but have more strategic input as well as more tactical responsibility for project delivery and team management.  Again, titles will differ from sector to sector; a Marketing Manager within FMCG usually heads up a brand team and so is a more senior role than the title may depict in comparison to Retail or SaaS sectors. Roles include:

  • Create a marketing plan across multiple channels
  • Responsible for the digital strategy
  • Take on brand refresh projects at a strategic level
  • Financial management of budgets
  • Agency management
  • Team management – channel owners or execution of campaigns

Marketing Directors are often part of the senior leadership team and act as key advisors for the business, focusing on top level strategy, financial management, team development.  Roles include:

  • Annual strategy development
  • C-suite stakeholder management
  • Financial budget management
  • Team leadership

What are the rewards?

Whether you’re looking for Product Manager jobs in London or Marketing jobs in London, salaries and overall benefits can differ. This can come down to several factors;

  • Skill set – skill sets that are high in demand tend to pay higher salaries. Technical product managers and SEO specialists are two prime examples of niche skill sets that are sought after, across SaaS and tech vendors in particular.
  • Location – obvious this one, but roles within London tend to pay more. Cambridge also. Within London, areas that involve trickier commutes may be inflated to attract top talent.
  • Sector – although charities, educational institutes and public sector businesses can be very rewarding to work for and can offer excellent benefits, salaries within this sector tend to be lower in comparison to Financial Services and Professional Services.

Here’s a general idea of salary ranges, varying with sector as explained above;

Title Salary Range
Marketing Director £80-£150k
Head of Marketing/Digital £60K-£100k
Senior Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital Manager £50-£80k
Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital Manager £40-£60k
Senior Marketing Executive £28-£35k
Marketing Executive £25-32k


Bonus cannot be guaranteed but many firms have annual bonuses with ranges from 10-30%. This tends to be split between personal and business performance.

Further product manager jobs in London benefits include company pension schemes, private healthcare, interest free season ticket loans, car allowances, flexible working, mobile phone and laptops, as well as a variety of lifestyle benefits such as corporate discounts and gym memberships,

We would love to hear from you

We have experienced social media recruiters in London, many that have worked in industry, that are passionate about digital marketing jobs in London and providing a thorough and consultative approach across all sectors. We will help you every step of the way; from the first call/meeting where we reflect on your experience and what you enjoy, giving CV advice to pinpoint those areas, support through the interview process, talking through important decisions on any offers and continuing support once you’re in a new role.

The level of detail we go into means we act as an extension to our clients. Understanding what the business does, who their target audience is, the culture, how they operate and future plans are key to ensuring that candidates are engaged with a role or project such as healthcare comms jobs in London, but most importantly, feel that they can flourish there.

We recruit across Cambridge, London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. So, if you can commute to any of these places, have marketing experience and are open to opportunities, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch on [email protected] for the latest product manager jobs in London or marketing jobs in London and how we can help.

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