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Who do we recruit for

If you’re looking for a marketing agency recruiter in Bedfordshire, then we can help. We work with a variety of agencies, ranging from digital, media, creative and integrated agencies. We work with agencies based in Luton, Bedford, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Biggleswade and Sandy.

We work with brands and organisations across Bedfordshire across all sectors including; FMCG, consumer durables, retail, leisure/travel, hospitality, SaaS, professional services, financial services and technology.

We have more several consultants at Premier Resourcing, with than 40 years combined experience finding the best marketing talent out there. Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary/contract hire we can support you with both a thorough, high quality, and often quick service. We are able to do this due to our specialism by sector, location and role type. We speak to marketing specialist candidates daily as that’s all we recruit. If you’re looking for a marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire, digital marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire or hybrid recruiter, we would love to help.

Digital Marketing Recruiter Agency in Bedfordshire

Who do we recruit?

Marketing teams are structured differently depending on a number of factors; organisation size, sector, industry and preference. In smaller marketing departments we find less specialist positions and people with more varied skill sets. In larger organisations and marketing departments, we tend to recruit specialist marketers who own channels. Here are typical specialist marketing roles we recruit for and which sectors they typically sit in.

  • Product Marketing – finding top product marketing talent can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Product marketers are often found with SaaS, technology, FMCG and consumer durable sectors. We find talent who are great at the following;
  • Understanding your target audience – product marketing strategies must be in touch with both the customer and customer-facing teams. Product marketing pours over research and then leads the go-to-market teams to collect data and turn that into digestible information for the product manager to incorporate into the roadmap.
  • Competitor research – product marketers who conduct competitor research to understand which features are imperative for customers in their buying decision and which ones could help tell a unique story. What is required to be industry standard that can be improved, what must be built to have a working product and what can be built to differentiate the product?
  • What’s the solution – once something makes it onto the roadmap, the product marketer works with the solution story. They will put together the story that they will like to tell that convinces people to purchase.
  • Beta testing – product marketers will work with the sales teams and product teams to identify the right customers to join a beta.
  • Product positioning – product marketers will support in understanding what the product is, what problem it solves for your customers and how it fits into the market – where it wins, where it loses, and how it’s different.
  • Product messaging – they will engage with the outside world effectively. This is how they describe the product, it’s benefits and how it works.

We will help you decipher all this as a product marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire and find the best product marketers out there.

  • CRM/Campaigns – a CRM specialist is responsible for development, execution, and continuous improvement of multi-channel campaigns and means of customer relations, and the development of programs, roadmaps, and customer relation strategies. The CRM person focuses on loyalty and retention marketing strategies, mainly through email and DM campaigns, but also through schemes and promotions. A fantastic CRM person will come up with relevant but innovative ways to keep your customers but also get them spending more. We often find CRM positions are more prominent within retail, leisure/travel, membership and charities; sectors where capturing customers’ contact details is easy.
  • Brand – a top brand candidate will support on your image in a number of ways. This could be through your tone of voice, brand guardianship etc. or through ATL campaigns to drive product sales. We often support on brand roles within FMCG and other consumer brands. New tech businesses are often looking to promote their brand on smaller budgets. If you’re looking for a tech marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire to promote your business, please get in touch.
  • SEO – we speak to search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists everyday, who work on improving website rankings on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We can provide specialists who ensure on-page optimisation to produce relevant search results and a positive customer experience, grows site traffic, increase the amount of quality leads and improve brand awareness.
  • PPC– we speak to PPC Specialists everyday who can revolutionise your internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns, through working strategically, work on design and implementation, SEO, and in depth analysis of ad performance. It is a highly sought after skill set and it takes a unique skill set to achieve top results from a PPC campaign;
    • Keyword research: getting into the mindset of your audience and how people search for products or services is vital. As a specialist digital marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire, we speak to people daily who keep up with trends, constantly research and test keyword choices, and are ready to change them to improve performance.
    • Landing page design: landing pages are vital for customers to stay on your website. We speak to people who are experts at engaging and delighting readers to capture people immediately. This skill set is vital, as without a strong landing page, customer can be easily distracted and will divert.
    • Trend watching: This is a big part of the PPC people we speak to’s skill set.
  • Social Media– a business social media presence is expected in the modern world. Social media marketing is vital but it also such an easy way to reach existing and potential customers. Your target audience in a consumer world is highly likely to be online. We find and speak to expert social media marketers every day who manage all the different company accounts on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Top candidates will not only will check these accounts and make updates that advertise the company and what’s going on with it, but the content and wider campaigns will be relevant to your audience and innovate engagement.
  • Marketing Analyst– data driven marketing campaigns need solid data and insight, which is why we make sure we are speaking to strong marketing analysts. We speak to people who thoroughly examine relevant information that may help the company make informed decisions on market tactics; what products should be sold and what would be the most profitable way to do it. Strong marketing analysts track campaigns and segment the customer base, as well as identify market trends and monitor competitors. They also consider aspects such as response rates, return on investment (ROI), and consumer dropout rates. If you’re looking for a SaaS marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire to support your marketing analysis, we would love to hear from you.
  • Email Marketing – we speak to excellent email marketers who’s key role is to work with marketing teams to manage end-to-end email marketing strategies. As organisations integrate other channels into campaigns, the email marketing manager is responsible for the impact of email. Finding the best email marketers is important given there’s thousands of emails vying for a user’s attention. Email marketers will promote company offerings through email, ensure that email marketing works in coherence with other marketing channels, personalise emails, establish and measure key metrics to analyse the success of email marketing and optimise funnel performance. Key sectors that we find this skill set is within retail, leisure/travel and not-for-profits.

E-Commerce Manager – we speak to E-commerce Manager’s who are primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the online retail department of a company with a significant online presence. They will handle decision-making for the website, social media accounts, and online advertising.

These skill sets exist within agencies in an execution and strategic format, so if you’re looking for a marketing agency recruiter in Bedfordshire for any of the above skill sets, we would love to assist you.

Marketing as a career

Whether you’re looking for product manager jobs in Bedfordshire, or digital marketing jobs in Bedfordshire, salaries and packages can vary depending on the sector and size of organisation.

Marketing isn’t just a job, it can provide a progressive career. The more experience you gain, the more channels you are exposed to, the greater your responsibility can be. The size of the team you’re in can vary which can effect the path you take. As mentioned above, if you’re in a smaller organisation, you are likely to be exposed to more variety in your role due to less marketing resource and budget. Exposure to all channels early on in your career will help gauge what you enjoy and what area’s your strongest. Going down a channel specialist role could involve; PPC, SEO, content, product, events, affiliate marketing etc. If your aspirations are to be a Marketing Director, understanding how all the channels work together is vital.

At the start of your career your role will likely consist of all, some or one of the following;

  • Ensuring brand guidelines and tone of voice is consistent
  • Basic SEO and PPC tasks
  • Admin and project support
  • Social media content
  • Writing and sending of email campaigns
  • Producing content on multiple platforms

As you progress in brand, digital or broad marketing, your role doesn’t change too much, but you become more accountable and responsible for strategy and results. This will be to;

  • Take on brand refresh projects at a strategic level
  • Financial management of budgets
  • Agency management
  • Team management – channel owners or execution of campaigns
  • Create a marketing plan across multiple channels
  • Responsible for the digital strategy

At the senior end of the marketing department, Marketing Directors will be part of a leadership team who are involved in key decisions within the wider business strategy. This may include:

  • Annual strategic development
  • C-suite stakeholder management
  • Ownership over financial budget management
  • Wider team leadership

What are the rewards?

Whether you’re looking for marketing agency jobs in Bedfordshire or marketing jobs in Bedfordshire, salaries and overall benefits can differ across sectors. Here’s a rough, top line guide to the below. Please note, the best paying sectors tend to be Tech and FMCG.

Title Salary Range
Marketing Director £80-£150k
Head of Marketing/Digital £60K-£100k
Senior Manager – Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital £50-£80k
Manager – Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital £40-£60k
Senior Marketing Executive £28-£35k
Marketing Executive £25-32k


You can expect an annual bonus in a lot of businesses, but this is never guaranteed and is usually split between business performance and your personal performance in relation to pre-agreed goals and objectives. This is usually between 10% and 30%, dependent on your seniority and sector.

Additional benefits that could be on offer include; company pension schemes, private healthcare, interest free season ticket loans, car allowances, flexible working, mobile phone and laptops, as well as a variety of lifestyle benefits such as corporate discounts and gym memberships,

So, why us…..

Whether you’re looking for a SaaS marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire or a tech marketing recruiter in Bedfordshire, or you’re looking for more traditional marketing candidates, we are passionate about marketing and recruitment and we are experienced in what we do too.

We pride ourselves in being role specialists as well as sector specialists. We get to know our clients organisations in the same detail as our candidates want to know you, acting as a true extension to your business. Please get in touch with us on [email protected] for more info on how we can help.

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