Marketing Agency Recruiter in Buckinghamshire

We are your go to Marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire. Whether you’re based in Amersham, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Buckingham, High Wycombe, Marlow, Slough and Denham. We recruit with some of the biggest business in the main business hubs, with some excellent relationships in Milton Keynes in particular. These relationships range from national retailers, energy suppliers, food and drink, tech vendors, universities, charities etc.

We know the importance of finding the best marketing talent and the pull London has on some people. However, 90% of our clients are based in Beds, Bucks and Herts, so the candidates we are speaking to are open to working close to home, or purely looking at working close to home. With more and more flexibility of working from likely to come into play, locations are less important for candidates, so longer commutes are to be expected. We are aware of this as a recruiter and are exploring further locations than normal when taking briefs. The best candidates are easier to trust due to their commitment and proactivity, but they also demand more trust in their clients.

We support traditional marketers and integrated marketers, ranging from executive to director. The digital marketing jobs skill sets range from campaign management, brand, CRM, direct mail, POS, product marketing, events marketing, ATL advertising, loyalty marketing and acquisition marketing. We know that traditional marketing still has a huge part to play in the marketing mix, and we will continue to support candidates within these areas and be that traditional marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire.

Digital Marketing Recruiter in Buckinghamshire

As much as we cater for traditional marketers, we are a specialist digital marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire. We know it’s the now and the future.

We can help offer you candidates to support with the following;

  1. Your direction – we can help you find candidates who can improve your digital strategy, whether that’s acquiring new customer or developing more engaging content to build relationships. Good, strategic digital marketeers will support with your direction by developing SMART objectives and implementing analytical methodology to ensure continuous improvement.
  2.  Develop your online audience or market share – this could be through understanding the online marketplace, different types of customer profile and behaviour, competition, value propositions, and options for marketing communications.
  3. Define your online value proposition – the best marketeers know the product range and the buyer, so they can define an online customer value proposition.
  4. Integrate your digital marketing – we speak with candidates who can integrate digital media with traditional media and response channels. We regularly speak with candidates who can develop an integrated digital marketing strategy or a digital transformation strategy.
  5. Innovate – we can find you people who push and can deliver new approaches to gain or keep your target audiences.
  6. Optimisation – a website needs analytics, but it also needs to be optimised through search marketing, site user experience, email, and social media marketing.


Skill sets we regularly recruit for are SEO, PPC, social media, content strategy, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, CRM, digital product management, UX and CRO. So if you’re looking for a SaaS marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire, or a digital marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire, we would love to help.

Supporting a variety of marketing agencies in Buckinghamshire

We recruit for in-house marketing roles, but we also a marketing agency recruiter in Buckinghamshire. We work with agencies offering different services. Most often, like us, an agency will specialise in one area only but some may combine services.

ADVERTISING –  we work with advertising agencies in finding them top talent to create, develop, and produce advertising campaigns across print (newspapers, magazines), outdoor (billboards, bus shelters etc), TV and radio. This can cross offer with booking advertising space as well (see Media below).

BRAND – we support branding by providing talent who are experienced with developing brand identities. We can help brand agencies incorporate design through visual identity.

DIGITAL MARKETING – digital agencies that are looking to drive traffic through SEO, PPC, social media and digital marketing campaigns. We also work with agencies who look at UX, UI and CRO.

MARKET RESEARCH – we can provide candidates with experience of either qualitative (e.g. focus groups and in-depth research), quantitative (e.g. Omnibus) or fieldwork (providing personnel for e.g. street questionnaires).

MEDIA – bigger media agencies tend to be based in London, but we can find candidates with experience in planning and buying advertising space.

Product Marketing

We are a product marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire. We support businesses in finding top product marketing talent who can help you with bringing a product to market, promoting it, and selling it to a customer. We will explore candidate’s understanding of a product’s target audience and how they’ve used strategic positioning and messaging to boost revenue and demand for the product.

By securing the best product marketing talent, we will help you;

  • Understand your customers better.
  • Target your buyer personas effectively.
  • Learn about your competitors (products and marketing tactics).
  • Ensure the marketing, product, and sales teams are all on the same page.
  • Position the product appropriately in the market.
  • Boost revenue and improve sales.


If you’re looking for a marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire to support on product marketing recruitment, we would love to help.

Info for candidates looking for a role

If you’re looking for product manager jobs in Buckinghamshire, please get in touch. Our marketing recruitment team would love to hear from you; whether your experience is more traditional or digital, whether you’re looking for temporary/contracts or permanent work. We feel marketers, through developing a brand and finding new ways to reach an audience, play a pivotal role in achieving wider business targets. That’s why it’s so important that companies find the best talent for their needs, this is where we come in.

We have experienced recruiters who can help you find digital marketing jobs in Buckinghamshire and marketing agency jobs in Buckinghamshire. Many of our consultants have worked in industry and so are passionate about marketing and providing a thorough and consultative approach across all sectors. We will help you every step of the way; from the first call/meeting where we reflect on your experience and what you enjoy, giving CV advice to pinpoint those areas, support through the interview process, talking through important decisions on any offers and continuing support once you’re in a new role.

If you’re looking for marketing jobs in Buckinghamshire, the level of detail we go into means we act as an extension to our clients. Understanding what the business does, who their target audience is, the culture, how they operate and future plans are key to ensuring that candidates are engaged with a role or project, but most importantly, feel that they can flourish there.

Sectors we cover
Whether you’re looking for a marketing agency recruiter in Buckinghamshire, or you have an in-house marketing role, we have you covered.

We can offer support across all sectors within broad marketing, broad digital marketing, SEO, PPC and social media. There are some specialist roles within sectors that we have outlined below;

FMCG & Consumer Durables – this is typically food and drink within FMCG, anything with a shelf life. Consumer Durables are products bought by the end user without a shelf life. Specialist marketing roles within FMCG tend to be brand marketers, shopper marketers, product manager jobs in Buckinghamshire, category managers and insights people.

Retail – this could be ether online or in physical stores. Typical specialist marketing jobs in Buckinghamshire within retail are visual merchandising, POS, loyalty marketing, acquisition marketing, campaign marketing and CRM marketing.

Leisure/Travel – these tend to be holiday providers or service providers to the end user, something that people do in their free-time as a hobby or to indulge. Typical roles specific to the sector are campaign marketers, CRM marketers and brand marketers.

SaaS & Technology – we can offer our services as the go to tech marketing recruiter in Buckinghamshire. We work with software providers and technology businesses, which tend to be B2B marketing positions. This is usually through BTL marketing, so campaign marketers and targeted digital marketing campaigns tend to be the most used channels and methodology. Events, exhibitions and conferences are often used to acquire new customers and retain customers.

NFP – charities, education, associations and public sector tend to be very data centric and don’t use ATL advertising due to the cost. You will find a lot of CRM focused activity in this sector. Events are used by nearly every charity or association to drive new products and customer targeting.

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