Technology & SaaS Marketing Agency Jobs are still growing

Technology and SaaS are key sectors at the moment, and as a tech marketing recruiter in Cambridge, we know it’s a busy market. Whether you’re based in Cambridge, Peterborough or Cambridgeshire. There’s investment into these sectors, they are slightly more recession proof and they are all set-up nicely to work from home. We work with start-ups with just 5 or 6 people in, scale-ups who have grown their headcount by 400% in a year, SME’s who make a tidy profit from a good chunk of market share within niche sectors and global players who offer multiple product ranges into various sectors. All these types of businesses offer something different and appeal to product managers for different reasons.

Start-ups will involve an extremely fast pace, role variety, exposure, responsibility, collaborative working and a close knit culture. Start-ups can involve more risk and if you don’t handle change of direction well, this won’t be right for you. Marketing campaigns can be planned and created but cancelled or postponed at the last minute.

SME’s will be the middle ground between a start-up and global organisation. You’ll have variety in your role, be part of a close team and work collaboratively. You won’t have the same pace and exposure to the owners and key decision makers, but there’s less risk.

Global organisations will give you structure, large teams, bigger budgets, a more established brand and opportunities to move roles and teams internally. However, roles tend to be less varied, overall responsibility is less but you’ll have clear and concise goals within your area of expertise.

If you’re looking for a SaaS marketing recruiter in Cambridge, and you’re a small or large business, young or old, we can help.

Product Marketing Recruiter in Cambridge

We love recruiting product manager jobs in Cambridge. We find product marketing is key to a business’s objectives, and finding a strong marketer can make a big difference to how well a marketing team knits together.

Product marketing is vital when bringing a product to market. We will speak to candidates about their experience with product positioning and messaging, launching of products, and how they explain the product’s features and benefits so that salespeople and customers understand it. Product marketing aims to drive the demand and usage of the product.

The thing is, product marketing doesn’t stop once the product has gone to market. The process of marketing a product lasts well after its launch to ensure the right people are aware of the product, those people know how to use it, and that the needs and feedback of those people are being listened to over the product’s lifecycle.

We specialise in this area, as well as digital marketing jobs in Cambridge, as we know these skills are harder to come by and the value an effective marketer in this areas can have.

When product marketers know the target audience for the product, the marketing team will likely take over. Or, the product person will continue their work, depending on the business. Here are seven things product marketers may do before, during, and after their product enters the market:

  1. Research – A helpful and well-made product is a thought out process, with marketing being a huge part of the process. In the time prior to a product launch, product marketers work with the developers to test the product both internally and externally through controlled beta environments.
  2. The Story – Products are brought to market with a story for the buyer to know the origins of WHY. What problem is the product solving? Who’s got this issue? How does it solve this problem? What is the USP?
  3. Focused Content: Creating content is an art, so there will normally be a content team that takes this on. Product marketers role in this part will likely be to create and A/B test various marketing copy, blogs, case studies, and landing pages on their website.
  4. Launch Plan: No product marketing remit is complete without a thought out launch plan, showing every stage of the process and who’s responsible for each aspect.
  5. Product Launch
  6. Market Engagement: As a product is launched and the initial buzz is in the industry, the marketing team may capitalise on what the market is saying. This could be by reaching out to partners, influencers, and existing customers for commentary.
  7. Sales Enablement: As a product is being prepared, the sales team is waiting in the wings to develop a strategy around the new business opportunity. It’s the product marketing team’s job to meet with sales staff before, during, and after the product is rolled out to the public. This ensures the messaging created for this product is consistent all the way through to the first sales call, and the sales team are able orchestrate the product in the right light to maximise sales.


Whether it’s marketing jobs in Cambridge, digital marketing jobs in Cambridge or product manager jobs in Cambridge, we can help.

Marketing Agencies in Cambridge

If you’re looking for a marketing agency recruiter in Cambridge, we can support you.

We work with agencies that have a rigorous methodology and attitude towards research ensuring that their strategic approach is aligned with consumer insights and behaviours. We support agencies to fulfil this approach, enabling agencies to build teams where media and creative to work in harmony; resulting in the delivery of truly valuable experiences for consumers and creating innovative ideas. These agencies will typically look at;

  • Audience Insights
  • Benchmarking & competitor insights
  • Bespoke Research
  • Data Strategy
  • Creative Performance Testing
  • Cross-channel Campaign Analysis
  • Website Analytics


We support agencies in leveraging insight, data and planning tools to help their clients develop strategic, measurable media campaigns. This can be through the following services:

  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Messaging / Tactical Advertising


Agencies can fall under design, advertising and marketing that all serve to package and connect brands, products or services to consumers, and are fast paced industries that that offers up a wide range of important roles. Here’s an intro into the types of marketing jobs in Cambridge  within these agencies. It’s worth noting that the bigger the agency, the more these positions are fragmented. The smaller the agency, the more variety in your role.

ACCOUNT DIRECTOR/ MANAGER – An account director is responsible for managing the agency’s relationship with its clients. Account directors take responsibility for delivering creative work that meets the client’s needs; addresses any problems that may arise; and are expected to develop-long term relationships with longstanding clients, with a view to maintaining a high retention rate.

MARKETING DIRECTOR/MANAGER – The director manages the process of marketing a business or product. Marketing director’s can be responsible for either a single product or service, or for several products or services.

BRAND STRATEGIST – A brand strategist provides recommendations on the direction a brand, product or service should take. A brand strategist will analyse current market research data and trends and use the information to advise on and develop practical solutions for marketing plans and to define the brand elements and tone.

DIGITAL STRATEGIST – A digital strategist develops, implements and manages the web presence architecture and online marketing strategy for brands, products or services. This involves developing an actionable plan that brings relevant digital channels such as websites, content marketing, networking on social media, e-commerce, search and social advertising, SEO, marketing automation, apps, media/blogger outreach together. Brand strategists will work with marketing and brand strategists.

UX + UI DESIGNER – A user experience (UX) designer is responsible for creating the way in which a product will function, which involves mapping out the flow and functionality of each screen or page that a user will interact with to make it enjoyable and effective to use. The user interface (UI) designer the creates the look and feel of a product, which involves taking the mapped out user experience and designing the visual elements.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER – A social media manager is responsible for managing the social media marketing campaigns for a brand, product or service. A social media manager needs to attract and engage target audiences by creating, monitoring and managing all published content such as text, images and video.

CONTENT PRODUCER – A content producer creates and develops written or visual content for print or digital applications such as white papers, reports, manuals, videos, images, eBooks, blog posts and infographics.

COPYWRITER – A copywriter writes the text used in advertising and other promotional campaigns or products, such as brochures, print adverts, billboards, websites, emails, magazines, blog posts and more. The text is usually sales focused.

The above roles are typical agencies skill sets, but as a marketing agency recruiter and marketing recruiter in Cambridge in-house, we will recruit these agency side and directly with brands themselves, but with different titles.

Economic Overview and Salaries


If you’re looking for a digital marketing recruiter in Cambridge, product manager recruiter in Cambridge or marketing agency recruiter in Cambridge, you may want to hear or see more than just CV’s.

We can provide you up to date and relevant salary and benefits information from different sectors, skill sets and locations. This will alter the salary range in different ways;

  • Sector – professional services, SaaS, technology, financial services and FMCG tend to be the higher paying sectors to work in. Retail, leisure/travel and hospitality are middle of the road. Unfortunately, although charities, educational institutes and public sector businesses can be very rewarding to work for and can offer excellent benefits, salaries within this sector tend to be lower in comparison.
  • Skill set – the more niche and in demand the skill set, the higher the salary. Looking at experience levels that are comparable, technical product managers and SEO specialists are two prime examples of niche skill sets that tend to demand a higher salary.
  • Location – this is obvious, but roles within London will offer a higher salary. Within Cambridgeshire, the main business hubs are Cambridge and Peterborough.

If you’re looking for more accurate insight to average salaries based on location, sector and skill type, we are more than happy to talk you through this. Here’s a general idea of salary ranges across various sectors;

Consumer, B2B & Tech
Job Title Salary Range
Marketing Director £80-£150K
Marketing Controller/Head of Marketing & Digital £60-£100K
Senior Brand/CRM/Digital/Category Manager £50-£65K
Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital Manager £40-£55K
Senior Marketing Executive/Assistant Brand Manager £30-£40K
Marketing Executive/Assistant Brand Manager £25-£35K
Job Title Salary Range
Marketing Director £60-£100K
Head of Marketing/Digital £45-£70K
Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital Manager £35-£50K
Senior Marketing Executive £25-£35K
Marketing Executive £22-£30K


Depending on the sector and the experience of the individual/level of the role, bonuses are often given annually and can range between 10 and 30%. This tends to be split between personal and business performance.

Further benefits include company pension schemes, private healthcare, interest free season ticket loans, car allowances, flexible working, mobile phone and laptops, as well as a variety of lifestyle benefits such as corporate discounts and gym memberships. If you’re looking for more detail on salaries within agency, please contact one of our marketing agency recruiters in Cambridge.

Why us….

As a SaaS marketing recruiter in Cambridge, with many consultants with years of experience and have worked in industry, we know our sector and locality well. Whether you’re based in Cambridge, Peterborough or Cambridgeshire. We speak to these people every day, meaning we are able to help candidates find local businesses that suit their personality and digital marketing jobs in Cambridge goals, as well as presenting quality shortlists to our partners’ vacancies at short notice.

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