Marketing Agency Jobs in Essex

If you’re looking for a marketing agency recruiter in Essex, then look no further. Whether you’re based in Colchester, Chelmsford, Harlow, Romford, Ilford, Bishop Stortford and Southend-On-Sea. We support a range of agencies, whether you’re a digital agency, media agency, creative agency, more specialist or integrated, we can help you. The range of roles we recruit cover account executives, senior account executives, account managers, senior account managers, account directors, senior account directors and client services directors.

Most of the agencies we support are slightly smaller due to the locations we focus on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attract the best talent. We find it comes down to the culture of the business, the clients people work with and the projects they’ll be involved in and lead on.

The specialist skill sets we recruit for within agencies are branding, TV, radio, print, emails, social media, SEO, PPC etc.

A large sector we focus on in Essex is software (SaaS). We pride ourselves in being the go-to SaaS marketing recruiter in Essex. We work with a range of start-ups operating at a fast pace pulling people in multiple directions daily, as well as more established organisations looking for that increased market share and additional growth. We find typical roles within this sector are product manager jobs in Essex, product marketing managers, broader digital marketing jobs in Essex and marketing campaign managers. Typical channels or marketing methodologies we find in this sector are;

  • Broad digital campaigns, with a focus on emails
  • Events, conferences and exhibitions
  • SEO & PPC strategy to drive traffic to websites

If you’re looking for a Marketing recruiter in Essex

A key sector we specialise in is technology. As a tech marketing recruiter in Essex we work with lots of different tech vendors across Essex and surrounding areas. This can range across multiple software platforms, multiple sectors and a range of size of businesses. We have worked with some of our clients for years, helping start-ups through their growth journey and working with more established tech vendors gain more market share.

As a marketing recruiter in Essex, we cover a range of skills;

  • Brand – this can be ranging from brand guardianship to ATL advertising and brand refreshes.
  • SEO – optimising social media and websites through engaging and effectively written content.
  • PPC – paid advertising based on clicks on specifically placed and worded ads.
  • Broad Digital – integrating all digital channels into one effective strategy.
  • Product Marketing – the link between the marketing team and sales team. Candidates will know everything about the product, market and competition.
  • Social Media – managing the social channel can be customer focused and B2B.
  • Campaign Marketing – managing campaigns to ensure they are timely and well produced is a big skill set that we recruit. This can be across email, DM and digital advertising. Results are key.
  • Insights & Analysis – most businesses are data driven these days, so data tends to be the focus for strategy. Whether it’s marketing analysis, CRM analysis, performance analysis, we can help.
  • Events – whether it’s a special event, mass participation, exhibition or conference, this is an effective way to market your products/services and win business. We speak to candidates with all types if events experience daily.


Salary info by sector

As a digital marketing recruiter in Essex with 10 years’ experience, we love to pass on our knowledge of the sector to support our partners and candidates. We are also very experienced product manager recruiters in Essex.

Salaries and benefits can differ from sector to sector and by role. Below are a rough guide to salaries in Essex.

FMCG – the titles are usually focused on Brand. Because the products are mostly food and drink, it’s about the quality of the product and how the product is perceived.

  • Assistant Brand Manager – £25K – £35K
  • Brand Manager – £35K – £45K
  • Senior Brand Manager – £45K – £55K
  • Category & Shopper Marketing Managers – £50K – £60K
  • Marketing Manager – £55K – £70K
  • Marketing Controller – £65K – £80K
  • Marketing Director – £80K – £120K


Retail, Leisure/travel and hospitality – although these operate slightly differently, they tend to pay the same, with similar titles and roles.

  • Marketing Executive – £22K – £30K
  • Marketing/Campaign/Digital Manager – £35K – £45K
  • CRM Manager – £45K – £60K
  • Head of Marketing/Digital Marketing – £60K – £80K
  • Marketing Director – £80K – £110K


Professional services, financial services and SaaS – these are well paid sectors due to most brands being well established, large, global organisations. Even start-up tech businesses tend to pay well.

  • Marketing Executive – £25K – £35K
  • Marketing/Campaign/Digital Manager – £35K – £50K
  • CRM Manager – £45K – £60K
  • Head of Marketing/Digital Marketing – £60K – £90K
  • Marketing Director – £80K – £120K


NFP – education institutes, charities, public sector and membership bodies are the four key areas within this sector. Universities and well-established membership bodies will pay the highest within this sector.

  • Marketing Executive – £20K – £30K
  • Marketing/Campaign/Digital Manager – £30K – £45K
  • CRM Manager – £40K – £50K
  • Head of Marketing/Digital Marketing – £50K – £80K
  • Marketing Director – £60K – £100K


Whether you’re looking for a marketing recruiter or marketing agency recruiter, we can give more detail on the above if needed.

Key Industries and Employers

We cover Product manager jobs in Essex and product marketing jobs in Essex. We specialise in recruitment of both technical product managers/owners and product marketeers. Those that manage developers on technical and digital products, and those that work on researching the market, their competition, potential gaps in the market and pushing these innovations of the product between the marketing and sales teams.

Product marketeers are found in sectors where there’s tangible and intangible products. This could be sold to the customer or businesses, bought directly or through businesses. Understanding the product in it’s entirety is an art form, and one that is vital when looking at marketing channels, methodologies and the target audience. These roles are typically recruited in sectors where there is a tangible product, ie. FMCG and consumer durables, as well as an intangible product ie. SaaS, financial services and professional services.

We recruit digital marketing jobs in Essex. These range from specialist digital jobs, to integrated broad digital roles. This could be an SEO specialist brought in to reduce agency spend, PPC to drive website traffic, social media to drive engagement or UX to ensure the journey for the customer is smooth and easy. These specialist roles tend to be found in slightly larger businesses who can afford to have specialists looking after individual channels. We also recruit more diverse and all-round digital marketers to oversee the wider digital strategy, digital campaigns and all the channels used.

This is across a range of clients and sectors. Digital is at the forefront of marketing and that’s definitely the case in Essex too. It’s the most cost effective and easiest to analyse. It also allows businesses to target a wider audience more accurately.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Essex

Marketing agency jobs in Essex are often found in Colchester or Chelmsford, but we also work with smaller agencies based in more regional parts of Essex. If you are looking to grow brands, inspire audiences, tell stories, and make a difference through communications, marketing and sales, we can help you. We support agencies who can do the following;

  • Plan a digital strategy using research and data.
  • Create effective digital marketing and comms on the most relevant channels.
  • Engage an audience through effective and measurable campaigns.

Great people with a background in agencies and a drive for ownership, client service and innovation are always sought after in this sector. We’re keen to hear from freelance, contract, permanent and executive level candidates. We recruit for roles across most agency disciplines, including account handling/client services, strategic planning, project management and creative/creative services. We cover each level of role, from recent graduates to board management.

Why we are the ideal recruitment partner in Essex

If you’re looking for a SaaS marketing recruiter in Essex or any other sector, we are the ideal partner. Whether you’re based in Colchester, Chelmsford, Harlow, Romford, Ilford, Bishop Stortford and Southend-On-Sea. Here’s why;

We are local – this plays a huge part for candidates and our partners. We know the area, towns, commutes, other businesses, who else is recruiting etc. Knowing sectors and industries within a county or town can be huge when talking to candidates from that area and discussing realistic opportunities. It also means we are speaking to local candidates that are suitable to your business on a daily basis, not just when a role comes up. We are speaking to local passively searching candidates every day, waiting for the ideal marketing jobs in Essex to come up.

Marketing specialists – there’s lots of ways to specialise, we decided to do it by the skill set and be a specialist marketing recruiter in Essex. We also have sector specialists so we really know our markets. For example, one of our consultants has 3 years marketing recruitment experience so knows the marketing channels inside and out, but also has specialised in recruiting into FMCG, so knows the industry well too.
Our service –
Combining the two previous points with the fact that several of our consultants have worked in industry we are very knowledgeable in what we do. The crucial part to ‘why us’ is that we care about what we do and are very passionate in ensuring our candidates and partners are treated as people to ensure the best outcome for all is reached. Whether it’s FMCG, retail, leisure/travel, SaaS or you’re looking for a tech marketing recruiter in Essex, use Premier Resourcing.

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