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If you’re looking for a marketing recruiter in London or digital marketing recruiter in London, we are here to help. Effective marketing allows businesses to continue long lasting relationships with their target audience and customers, which isn’t a quick fix and takes time. We are passionate about both marketing and recruitment and love what we do and will work tirelessly to find the top talent that’s best suited to your needs and requirements.

Traditional and digital marketing recruiter

Whether you have more success through traditional marketing techniques or through digital channels, we can support you on roles within both.

We feel traditional marketing still has a place in the market, regardless of the effectiveness of digital channels, so we haven’t neglected candidates and roles with direct marketing and traditional advertising experience. We recruit a hybrid of traditional and digital marketing roles and pure digital marketing recruiter in London and digital specialist positions. Here’s a snapshot of the skill sets we recruit for and typical roles;

SEO – search engine optimisation can either be a specialist role on it’s own or within a broader digital marketing manager position. It’s very rarely a junior role for someone with limited marketing experience, due to the complexities of the role and role importance in the success of the websites performance. Bigger businesses tend to have SEO in house where as smaller businesses will tend to outsource this to agencies.

PPC – similarly to SEO, it’s a specialist skill that is either a role on it’s own or within a broader digital remit. Bigger businesses will have a PPC Manager reporting into a Head of Digital, smaller businesses may involve PPC under a digital marketing manager’s remit. A lot of less specialist digital marketing teams will outsource PPC to agencies.

ATL – TV, radio, press and OOH are areas we speak to candidates about in more traditional marketing roles. These are usually consumer businesses that have a wide range of target audience. These roles usually sit within a Brand Manager’s remit and are regularly recruited within Retail, Travel and FMCG.

BTL – although email is the prominent channel used due to it’s value, direct mail and mail drops are still used in certain sectors. We speak with strong email marketers regularly and always push candidates to talk us through how they personalised their campaigns accordingly. Email as a skill set tends to fall under email marketing executives, email marketing managers, direct marketing managers and campaigns managers.

UX – this is a role we are regularly recruiting on it’s own or as part of a Digital Marketing Manager post. User experience and understanding the customer journey is vital for all businesses, in particular those with an e-commerce website.

Analysis – most marketers should be able to talk through what they did but also what the outcome it had. That could be open rate, click rate, conversion on a website etc. This is where Analytics and insights come in. Marketing analytics people who have experience of using databases and SQL to determine patterns and outcomes are vital to modern marketing teams.

Content – this can either fall under a communications department or marketing, it depends on the role and capabilities required. Content can be in blog, imagery or video form, used on social media, newsletters, a website etc. Content Executives are usually strong writers with technical understanding. This can be a long career path in bigger businesses, where we have worked with content executives, to head’s of content.

Partnerships – both on and offline partnerships are key to leveraging a wider target audience off similar brands. We work with Partnership Managers who are well aligned with the sales team, or Affiliate Managers who of course work with online partners.

A guide to salaries and benefits across sectors

Whether you’re looking for a SaaS marketing recruiter in London or a tech marketing recruiter in London, we can provide you with a thorough and consultative service, including up to date and relevant salary and benefits information. This will differ dependent on several factors;

  • Skill set – skill sets that are high in demand tend to pay higher salaries. Technical product managers and SEO specialists are two prime examples of niche skill sets that are sought after, across SaaS and tech vendors in particular.
  • Location – obvious this one, but roles within London tend to pay more. Cambridge also. Within London, areas that involve trickier commutes may be inflated to attract top talent.
  • Sector – although charities, educational institutes and public sector businesses can be very rewarding to work for and can offer excellent benefits, salaries within this sector tend to be lower in comparison to Financial Services and Professional Services.

If you’re looking for more accurate insight to average salaries based on location, sector and skill type, our London marketing agency recruiter team are more than happy to talk you through this. Here’s a general idea of salary ranges across various sectors;

Consumer, B2B & Tech
Job Title Salary Range
Marketing Director £80-£150K
Marketing Controller/Head of Marketing & Digital £60-£100K
Senior Brand/CRM/Digital/Category Manager £50-£65K
Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital Manager £40-£55K
Senior Marketing Executive/Assistant Brand Manager £30-£40K
Marketing Executive/Assistant Brand Manager £25-£35K
Job Title Salary Range
Marketing Director £60-£100K
Head of Marketing/Digital £45-£70K
Marketing/Brand/CRM/Digital Manager £35-£50K
Senior Marketing Executive £25-£35K
Marketing Executive £22-£30K


Depending on the sector and level of the role, annual bonuses can range from 10-30%. This tends to be split between personal and business performance.

Further benefits include company pension schemes, private healthcare, interest free season ticket loans, car allowances, flexible working, mobile phone and laptops, as well as a variety of lifestyle benefits such as corporate discounts and gym memberships,

The sectors we work with

If you’re looking for marketing jobs in London, a marketing recruiter in London or digital marketing recruiter in London, we know our sectors well and are vastly networked across all industries.

SaaS – we work with a range of software providers across Cambridge, London and surrounding areas. Our SaaS marketing recruiter in London team speak to candidates from a B2B and software background daily, that have worked on B2B marketing plans, being creative with more targeted channels. Software providers tend to involve more generalist marketing positions, including Product Managers and broad Digital Marketing Managers.

Technology – although we partner with a range of businesses, predominantly we work with start-ups and scale ups. We love supporting the growth of a start-up, getting to know the reason behind their set-up, how they work together, their plans and future goals. The tech marketing recruiter team get real pride and excitement when we are able to find a candidate who can deal with the fast pace of a start-up and who is aligned to the businesses goals and morals. Whether that’s a Product Owner you need to develop and launch a product or a digital marketing manager to bring all the channels together. We work with a range of tech sectors, across Financial, Education, Medical, Information, Entertainment etc.

Retail/E-Commerce – if you own a physical or online store, whether it’s POS or visual merchandiser in store, an e-commerce manager, online product manager or someone to drive footfall to stores, we can help. We work with smaller retailers with a strong online presence to larger retailers who are strong both in store and online. We love finding that area you need to develop, with UX being very sought after in this sector.

Leisure/Travel – whether you’re a health club, holiday, adventure or travel provider, we love this sector!! Working with marketers who enjoy tapping into the customers emotional buying decision gets our juices flowing too. It’s a competitive market. Whether you’re a UK or worldwide holiday or tour operator, we know the importance of understanding your audience and being creative in ways to reach them. If it’s driving footfall to stores/clubs, mass marketing through ATL methods, disruptive digital advertising or retention marketing, we speak to candidates who have these skills and love this sector every day.

Not-for-Profit – or beyond profit as it’s fondly known as in the market. Beyond profit was adopted for several reasons. They may not share profits among stakeholders and shareholders, but some charities and universities in particular have better results year on year than a lot of private sector organisations, being ran by commercial, excellent marketeers. The beyond profit sector is split into 4 areas; charities, education, membership/associations and public sector. There are sub sectors within these sectors too, such as conservation, health, animal charities, universities, colleges, NHS, police etc. We support on all marketing efforts, including events and fundraising across all these areas.

FMCG & Consumer Durables – traditionally the most sought-after sector for marketeers. Big campaigns, projects and promotions is what draws marketeers towards drinks, confectionary and consumer durables businesses. We work with well known brands and fast growth businesses with innovative and high growth products. We speak to people with a range of skill sets in these sectors, from generalist marketeers, brand specialists, category managers, insight managers, shopper marketers, ATL advertising, BTL etc.

We would love to partner with you

We have experienced recruiters, many that have worked in industry, that are passionate about marketing and providing a thorough and consultative approach across all sectors. Because of this, the level of detail we go into means we act as an extension to our clients. Understanding what the business does, who your target audience is, the culture, how you operate and future plans are key to ensuring that candidates are engaged with a role or project, but most importantly, feel that they can flourish there.

We will help every step of the way; from the first call/meeting where we reflect on the role, fully vetting candidates, providing up to date insight into the market and candidates job searches. This level of support continues through the interview process, talking through important decisions on any offers and continuing support once the candidate is placed in a new role.

We recruit across Cambridge, London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. So, if you have a marketing vacancy and are based in any of the above location, please get in touch on [email protected] to find out how we can help.

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