PR, Marketing, and Creative sectors are highly competitive industries. Therefore you need to make sure your CV makes an impact, is free of mistakes and provides a clear indication of what you want in your next role.

In this three part guide we’ll provide invaluable information about making your CV give you the biggest impact.

Whilst the majority of us can spend hours putting together our CV, the reality is that potential employers will spend about 30 seconds looking at yours before making a decision whether to interview you.

The first rule to remember is that a potential employer will look for weaknesses in your experience and CV presentation before they consider the strengths.

These are the key points you need to bear in mind when putting together your CV.

  1. No room for typos (no matter how small they are) as your CV is likely to be rejected immediately.
  2. Do not just list job tasks/responsibilities, so it reads like a lifeless job description. Highlight your key achievements.
  3. Reinforce your key achievements with statistics to show how successful a campaign/project has been to demonstrate that you are results-focused.

Examples include:

–    Was responsible for managing a team of 4 executives

–    Increased national media coverage by 100% last year

–         Pitched and won 7 new clients in the last 12 months

–         Managed a client portfolio of £700,000 in fees

  1. Do not repeat your experience on your CV
  2. Potential employees are not mind readers! You need to elaborate on your experience. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to keep your CV to one page and end up putting short phrases to explain your experience:

For example:

–         Media relations

–         Issues management

–         Events management

They will never know the extent of your work. It also gives the impression that you rushed your CV and don’t really care massively about your career.

  1. Make sure that every word counts and that you have presented your experience in an easy to read and succinct fashion.
  2. Do add information regarding your social media /digital PR communications experience. Where appropriate add hyperlinks to current examples of your work.

How do you think your CV measures up? Let us know below if you found our tips helpful.

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