If you’re looking for work, you may have avoided using a recruitment agency so far, due to believing a myth or two about how we operate.

Well, the ones we’ve heard on the grapevine are definitely not true! Below we have listed some of the most common myths of signing up to agency and laid out the real answers for you instead.

It’ll cost me money to sign up won’t it?
The simple answer is no, it won’t! Recruitment agencies do not make their money out of signing up candidates, so you don’t have to worry about it costing you anything. If any agency does ask you for money, avoid them, because they shouldn’t be! It’s free to register and the recruitment consultant will help you find the perfect job for you without money exchanging hands. It’s in their interest to find the best match to a role, as they get paid on successful placements with a company, by the recruiting business itself.

I can do the same job myself – it’s only sending across my CV
Sure you can apply to roles that you see online pretty easily, but recruitment agencies won’t just help you find your ideal role, they can assist you with other aspects of your job search too. A good recruitment consultant will increase your employability, by helping improve your CV, and offering interview preparation and career advice. They will take the time to listen to what you want and seek out opportunities that they think will be right for you – it’s not just a case of sending your CV to everyone they’re in contact with. They will also know things about their client’s businesses that you would rarely find out in a job advert, such as which personalities that would fit in with the team, the company’s culture and all that behind the scenes info which can make sure you’re a good fit for a role.

I can see all the same jobs online to apply for myself directly
There will generally be more opportunities available to you if you sign up to an agency, as they will likely have great relationships with some key employers in your industry who may have upcoming vacancies that aren’t even in the public domain yet. You’ve also got the added extra of the consultant’s market knowledge for who is doing well, which companies are likely to be hiring soon and the up and coming firms seeking talent that you may not even have heard of yet – you can be put forward for roles that technically don’t even exist to the outside world!

They only have low skilled, low paid and temporary roles
We’re not sure where this myth has come from, but whilst some agencies may specialise more in temporary roles, most definitely have higher skilled and permanent jobs too. Many will have a variety of full time, part time, temporary, contract and permanent positions, at entry, junior and senior level, so there will be something to suit you at every stage of your career.

Recruiters only care about money!
Ouch! This one hurts our feelings and is simply not true. Of course, as with every profession there are some that make us all look bad, but most genuinely care about the candidate, their clients and finding people their dream job. It’s job satisfaction at its best when recruiters know they have matched the perfect person to a brilliant role. It’s cheesy we know, but money doesn’t compare to the feeling of knowing you have impacted someone’s life positively.

Hopefully we’ve managed to banish some of the common myths of using a recruitment agency. If you’re currently searching for a new role or thinking about a career move in the near future, get in touch with us at Premier Resourcing. We can offer advice and help you with your search. Call 0203 585 7286 or email [email protected]

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