In the digital world, public relations is more important for brands than ever before. It’s an age where a social media storm can kick off overnight, viral videos can attract unprecedented attention and where publishers, desperate to compete, are always on the lookout for content.

So what does this mean for PR professionals? It means that you’re on the front line in an ever broadening battlefield. It’s your responsibility to manage a brand’s reputation online, from managing press releases, providing comments and being in charge of damage control should a brand receive negative press for whatever reason. 

In short, it means you’ve got to be on the ball, all the time. There’s a huge demand for PR professionals at the moment, as digital content production continues to grow. So if you’re looking to get into PR, what do you need?

How to get a job in PR

If you have literally no experience in PR or marketing, your chances of getting a PR job are limited as the industry is quite mature. That said, if you’re dead set on getting into PR, there’s plenty you can do to improve your prospects.

Do a PR internship. An internship is a great choice for younger people and those that have no skills that are transferable to PR (such as journalism, digital marketing or brand management). You’ll get to work with professionals that are currently in the role so you’ll get a real taste of what the job is like – plus support via college work.

Apply for a company that’s in your niche. If you have no experience in PR but have managed a hotel for years, you can see how a hospitality PR job could be interested in you – even though you may not have the direct skills they’re looking for. Never underestimate transferable skills and knowledge!

Do your revision. Read the industry literature like PR Week, The Drum and PR Moment to get an understanding of the industry, see success stories and monitor trends. This type of background knowledge can make all the difference when applying for a job.

Ready to apply for a PR job?

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