It’s a trend we all love to indulge in: the Christmas advert. Thanks to some incredible Christmas marketing campaigns, the Christmas advert has become just as much a part of Christmas as turkey and stuffing. As more brands jump on the bandwagon to grab customers’ attention, we’ve seen heartwarming tales and been introduced to iconic characters. 

The best Christmas adverts of all time?

Sainsbury’s Christmas is for Sharing, 2014

Recreating the famous football game that took place in the trenches 100 years ago, the advert tugged on the nation’s heartstrings. It put Sainsbury’s on the list for ‘Christmas adverts to watch out for’ and they’ve had several successful campaigns since.

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot, 2016

Aldi introduced us to the now iconic carrot back in 2016. Kevin the Carrot’s adventures have captured audiences ever since, with his merchandise being snatched up from stores within hours of its release. The vegetable family has amassed quite a following ever since – so if that’s not a successful campaign, we don’t know what is!

John Lewis’ The Long Wait, 2011

In 2011 John Lewis took on a sentimental take for their Christmas advert – and it has never looked back since. The advert follows a young boy waiting impatiently for Christmas – not for his own presents, but for the gift he has for his parents. It struck an emotional chord with the nation and now every year, people wait in anticipation for its Christmas advert. Ours might be a controversial choice amongst Monty the Penguin and the Bear and the Hare, but this is our favourite!

McDonald’s Reindeer Treats, 2019

The fast food restaurant has followed the story of a young girl on Christmas Eve since 2017 and their animated take in 2019 certainly upped the mark. The animated tale shows a young girl that wants to play with her teenage sister. She is rejected, and instead resorts to playing with a young reindeer, until at the end its revealed to be the family dog with antlers on when the whole family go to McDonald’s to get more reindeer treats. 

It’s almost impossible to go to McDonald’s without picking up a bag of reindeer treats in the festive season, so the promotion has certainly helped the brand adopt a healthier image.

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