The PR industry can be highly competitive, with applications for each role often reaching into the hundreds. So how can you ensure you stand out from the crowd the next time you apply for your dream role, and what can you do so your CV is at the top of the hiring manager’s pile?

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We see thousands of CVs every month, from budding graduates to the most senior PR professionals, so we know a thing or two about CVs that catch our eye. We have put together a list of the most common mistakes we see on a regular basis to make sure you avoid in yours. Read on to find out more:

1. Not naming your clients and the scale of your campaigns
Don’t be coy when it comes to telling recruiters the clients you have worked for and the scale of your campaigns. Showing that you’ve worked on big, national campaigns for well-known brands will prove that you can handle the pressure of larger contracts, working to tight deadlines and dealing with big followings, whilst campaigns for smaller businesses can help you to demonstrate the impact you had on that company and its business journey. Providing details of the types of companies and campaigns you’ve worked on can let recruiters see the experience you have and whether you’re right for the role you’re applying for.

2. Not including the important statistics
We all know that clients want to see results from PR campaigns, so boast about what you can do! As well as explaining the types of clients you have worked for and the campaigns you have managed, don’t forget to include more specific details and statistics, such as the volume of coverage you achieved, the amount of social media engagement your campaign created and ultimately the return on investment you created for the client. Showing that your campaigns do get results and proving that you can analyse and think about the ROI will help you stand out from the crowd in an industry where results are important.

3. Not quantifying new business wins
As a PR Director, it’s important to be able to win new contracts and create new business for your employer. If you have experience in this previously, shout about it! Did you help to deliver an amazing pitch, did you come up with a fresh new idea for the presentation or was it your networking that landed the meeting in the first place? Every business wants to grow, so a new employer will favour someone who can help them to do this.

4. Not detailing team management achievements
Managed a team? Don’t forget to include this on your CV too! Not everyone is skilled at people management so someone who is can be a very valuable asset to a team. If you have line managed staff before, mentored less experienced team members or helped to turn round a colleague who was not performing, include it for recruiters to see. It could be the difference between you and another top candidate.

5. Forgetting to include the basics
Once you have a sizeable amount of work experience to add to your CV, it can be tempting to leave out the basics, but make room to include them too! Keep your academic achievements on there and add in the detail. Include your degree classification and even your GCSE and A Level results – some agencies still want to know and it will help to build a picture of the person behind the piece of paper.

If you would like any more advice about writing the perfect CV and how to stand out from the crowd when applying for your dream PR role, get in touch with with us.

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