PR team headlines 2020/2021

  • Industry hiring trends really positive with all clients recruiting post covid:
  • Colleague with c.2.5 years’ experience just did a £100k quarter On PR team
  • A new starter with zero experience has made 7 placements in 1st quarter in job from Mid March 2021


…. what you can expect from your desk / this role.

  • Walk into a ‘ hot desk’ on track to do £130k by year end June 2021,despite COVID
  • On track to do £150- 190K next year based on volume of work.
  • Desk currently managed by consultant with c.1 years’ experience and no previous sector experience who has achieved his annual target through covid:
  • This quarter already £50k on board (April – June)
  • Next quarter already billed £30k (July – sept)
  • Opportunity to have real ownership and devise your recruitment strategy with guidance Benefit from Well cultivated client base with Top 150 PR consultancies – blue chip brands from varied sector background.


What support  you can expect to generate revenue

  • Use of up to date tech/recruitment tools to support your desk and maximise revenue generation.
    • Use of well-maintained Best in class CRM with relationships spanning 15 years – Firefish – customer focused/candidate portal for best experience. Ability to generate pinpoint accurate searches
    • All consultants have Recruiter Pro licences with LinkedIn to attract the very best
    • We use PPC and SEO optimization to position ourselves on google for client and candidate traffic.
  • Use specialist job boards to attract top talent – PR week, LinkedIn, Indeed, Guardian
  • Offer decent Candidate referral scheme to attractive top tier talent
  • Benefit from Extensive inhouse team knowledge and senior team members – also MD and ‘one to one’ guidance
  • Excellent training programme from day one, and use of external online training; recruitment juice for refresher on sections of recruitment process.


 Why PR & Communications recruitment?

  • Fast paced, Fluid – not bureaucratic  in nature
  • Accessibility to key decision markers Deal directly with MDs and decision makers rather than HR for smaller agencies – so few barriers to recruitment
  • Combination of personality/and capability – smart professional market mainly graduate 20-45 market demographic
  • Creative, fun, yet switched on and commercially focused

 Premier resourcing Approach:

  • Aim to build long term relationships with candidates and clients to forster trust.


  • Provide a quality driven service for candidates and clients
    1. Focused on sending out low volume, high quality CV’s for higher interview conversion rate
    2. Provided complimentary added value CV writing service to candidates
    3. Provide strategic client counsel to develop and redefine recruitment strategies

What’s on offer – Working environment at Premier resourcing!

The 3 C’s……. what every recruiter is looking for in a role.

 Competitive commission structure see separate document – set a quarterly rather than monthly targets to allow for ‘spikes and dips’ in the recruitment cycle.


Collegiate, ‘grown up’ approach, flexible working

Social team with parties and trips in UK and abroad

  1. Lots of incentives and treats such as vouchers etc for new ideas which support the team
  2. Flat structure where everyone’s opinion’s count
  3. Working with smart and experienced consultants
  4. Not rigid and heavily KPI driven
  5. Great benefits.
  6. Well stocked beer fridge


Career Progression:

As a true meritocracy we are eager to promote and reward hard work.

For example: consultant with no recruitment experience joined as consultant and within 18 months years has been promoted twice to senior consultant and is now managing consultant with one junior working into them.

So contact us now


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