Is it time to start going back to work? Many of us don’t have a choice about going back into work as more industries and premises reopen. Hopefully you will be in a position where there is some compromise with your employer, such as working from home part-time or offering more flexible hours.

Right now you need to feel comfortable with your surroundings. Your employer needs to introduce extra cleaning measures including regular cleaning and giving employees the facilities to clean and sanitise their hands.

Staying safe at work

Clean your hands properly and often

You’ve never been told to wash your hands as much as you have this year. We’ve been bombarded with the message for months – because it works. Communal areas like kitchens, corridors and bathrooms are all full of surfaces that could have been touched by someone with Covid-19. So wash your hands often, keep a sanitiser handy and avoid touching your face.

Social distancing

There should be at least 2 metres between you and anyone else. In offices this will usually mean keeping a desk free between each employee. Some companies are operating by rotating staff or giving employees the option to ‘volunteer’ to go into the office. If you are anxious about returning to work, or unable to, you should work from home.

Separate spaces

 Larger areas can be broken up into smaller sections with simple architectural touches, temporary walls or clear acrylic. This is great for creating ‘individual spaces’ in breakout rooms or open plan offices.

Go virtual where you can

You’re probably more comfortable with video conferencing now, so all meetings should be virtual if possible. With the ability to screen share and collaborate simultaneously, virtual meetings can effectively recreate an ‘in person’ meeting in most cases – and they’re often more productive too.

Looking for a new job in a pandemic

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again: these are unprecedented times and many companies have been caught off guard. If you’re waiting to hear about an application, bear in mind that HR professionals are probably working from home and decisions may take a bit longer. A polite follow up email is fine after a few days though.

If you reach the interview stage, it’s likely to be a video interview. Make sure you are well positioned in good lighting – and bear the background in mind! Have a few trial runs with the software so you’re fully comfortable using it – and you’ll avoid the ‘is your mic on?’ scenario.

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