Just as many companies were starting to ease back into some sense of normal office life, we’re now back to ‘work from home if you can’. If you’re loving the work from home life this might be music to your ears – but there are plenty of people struggling with the isolation and upheaval of the new office normal.

Maintaining accountability is often the root cause for losing motivation at home. Without the office, your workmates, face-to-face meetings and quick catchups, working from home can feel a bit surreal. It’s down to you to hold yourself accountable for your work.

Try these tips for staying accountable and motivated while working from home.

What motivates us?

Motivation can come from an external or internal source. External motivation is usually some sort of reward such as money, social recognition or praise. Internal motivation is our own drive for success, be it learning, overcoming a personal challenge or even just curiosity about a subject.

We need both of these forms of motivation to keep our performance up. While money is a motivator for many, we’re still being paid to work from home. It may sound cheesy but our lack of motivation often comes from inside us.

What do people miss the most about the office?

Social interactions are a big thing. If you work more than 35 hours a week you probably spend as much time with your colleagues as you do with your family – if not more. Those quick catchups next to the coffee machine or water cooler can be a real mood-booster, and we can feel it when we’re sat by ourselves at home all day.

There’s a great Slack app called Donut which links up members for a quick conversation each week. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people you may not be in touch with outside of work. You could even try scheduling a meeting just outside of work hours with your workmates if you’re missing the banter!

The structure and routine. Stick to your morning routine as much as possible. Take a few minutes before work begins to plan what you want to achieve for the day and the tasks you want to complete. This will help you stay more focused if you’re prone to getting distracted.

Take your lunch at a set time and more importantly, get away from the computer – even if that’s not what you’d usually do in the office. Give your eyes and brain a rest by getting away from the screen for half an hour or so. You’ll sit back down feeling refreshed and energised with a clear head, ready to tackle the afternoon!

Time to move on?

If you’re really not feeling your job and nothing you do can change the way you feel, it might be time to look for a new job. We can lose motivation for all sorts of reasons but if our place of work fails to inspire us, we’ll never perform at our best.

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