Numerous factors can influence mental health, and the setting where you spend the second-most time after your home—your workplace—can significantly exacerbate your problems.

Workplaces and work habits are fast changing all around the world. A few of the variables that pose significant dangers to employers, employees, the economy, and the environment are automation and an ageing workforce. People are under increased strain due to the rapid speed of innovation, uncertainty around their employment situation, and a need for efficiency, which can cause stress and possibly result in mental illness.

There are however multiple ways in which employers can support their employees through the current testing economic times, including:

  • Employers should maintain good communication so that their employees can feel valued.
  • Employers should offer flexible work options, depending on individual circumstances and needs.
  • Employers should be proactive in educating their employees about root causes and symptoms of stress and ways that it can be dealt with, offering as much support as possible.
  • Managers should both adopt and promote a healthy lifestyle balance providing good working hours, using full holiday entitlement, and taking lunch breaks.
  • Employers should make themselves available to talk to and offer regular catch ups with each of their employees to check that they are OK.

Managers and individuals must now more than ever make sure that stress and mental health issues are taken just as seriously as physical illnesses.

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