What is Tech PR?

Whether a tech business is aiming for consumers (B2C), other businesses (B2B), or both, there will be a need for a public relations strategy. If selling to consumers, there will be a different PR strategy than a company that sells to other businesses. The purchasing of products and services is very different, consumers’ buying habits tend to be more emotive whereas a business is more about how the product will help the company cut costs or be more competitive.

B2C tech companies try to get consumers excited about the latest product or service while PR for a B2B tech companies will focus more on informing key decision-makers on how the product or service will add value to their company.

B2B tech companies mainly use PR to position their originators as industry experts or thought leaders. For example, a tech company that offers a software security tool for other businesses, they will position themselves as an expert in solving and avoiding liabilities by writing articles and placing them in industry publications or speaking at specific events.

The way a B2B tech company gains purchasers’ trust through influence will depend on their audience. B2C tech companies on the other hand might hire influencers and advocates to generate buzz about their companies.

A B2B tech company will segment a target audience based on factors such as the industry, business size, and purchaser’s role. They will need to consider relevant publications and other places where decision makers are active. For example, a B2B company specialising in data storage for organisations will need to position themselves in technology publications that say IT managers are reading. A B2C tech company’s audience looks at age, gender, education, location also income to ascertain how to segment consumers. These typically indicate where a target audience gets their content, which will then decide the suitable media outlets used to reach an audience. For example, a gaming app targeted at children may include reaching out to online platforms for parents (decision makers) as part of a PR campaign to get in front of a target audience.

B2B and B2C tech companies will use social media differently. Depending on a company’s audience, both will need to adapt the content according to what is used to see. So, a B2B tech company will use social media to share industry news or a merger perhaps. While a B2C tech audience may not find tech industry trend content so interesting.

Tech Public relations can help spread the word about a company or its offerings. But of course, it is critical that a PR strategy caters to the needs of its audience. Understanding the differences between B2B and B2C tech PR will help devise a plan that meets business’s objectives.

B2B & B2C Tech PR jobs in London are a critical part of London’s thriving technology industry. Whether working on tech start-ups to global powerhouses. Main areas of technology will include mobile & telecoms, gaming, apps, financial technology, enterprise technology, broadcast & media technology, adtech, big data, AI, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Cloud and much more!

B2B & B2C Tech PR jobs typically focus on client servicing; being a main point of contact for clients, developing strategic PR programs and strategy, driving accounts forward to ensure continual flow of relevant media coverage. Content creation; creating content in any number of formats, including press releases, case studies, white papers, website copy, reactive comments, blog posts and social media posts. New business: research, deliver and present new business proposals. 

Who are the key Tech PR firms in London?

PR Week Technology Rankings 2020

Rank Top 150 rank Company 2019 tech revenue (£000)
1 23 Brands2Life 13,914
2 3 Weber Shandwick* 12,500
3 1 Edelman 12,401
4 38 Hotwire 8,905
5 51 Harvard 7,421


Source: https://www.prweek.com/article/1682266/prweek-uk-top-150-2020-technology-pr-rankings

What skills are needed to work in Tech PR?

Tech PR Jobs London will require someone with a broad understanding of the technology PR landscape and ideally a track record of success working in the sector if at a higher level. Strong writing and copy-editing skills are important as well as the ability to advise on social media and digital marketing campaign implementation. Experienced in building and developing a personal network i.e. media contacts that can be leveraged to gain client and business development opportunities.

At senior level, candidates will have an in-depth understanding of the B2B or B2C technology landscape and have a track record of success working in the sector.

An individual will generally be a successful negotiator and capable of maintaining regular client contact on a formal and informal basis to further underpin the relationship. Also be an effective team manager that can promote a team ethic to deliver against a company’s objectives and initiatives.

If at a junior level, the ability hit the ground running is important as the tech PR sector can be fast paced. Having relevant media, blogger and analyst contacts in the tech space is also ideal. Having strong spoken and written communication skills with a keen eye for detail and have excellent organisational skills with the ability to prioritise tasks. Have a desire to form and maintain relationships with clients, journalists, event managers, bloggers and analysts is essential.

What are Rewards?

Tech PR Jobs London are busy and fast paced roles so need commitment beyond the 9am-5pm.  However, this extra commitment is often rewarded with higher salaries and potential bonuses too.

While individual salaries vary, an initial guide is below.

Bonus cannot be guaranteed but many firms have annual and ½ year bonuses to recognise strong business performance.


Account Executive: £21,000 – £26,000
Senior Account Executive: £26,000 – £31,000
Account Manager: £30,000 – £40,000
Senior Account Manager: £36,000 – £45,000
Account Director: £40,000 – £60,000
Senior Account Director: £55,000 – £70,000
Associate Director: £60,000 – £75,000
Director: £75,000 – £120,000
Managing Director: £115,000 – £200,000
CEO: £180,000+

How to find out more?

If you are interested in Tech PR Jobs London, please contact the team to find out more.  Our leading consultants have connections with key firms across the industry and we would be happy to help you find your next challenge.

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