Hiring new staff can be a time consuming process, taking up valuable time and resources, with no guaranteed results. So why not use a recruitment agency to help lighten the load?

With expert knowledge at their fingertips and the time to dedicate to a thorough search, there are many advantages to using a specialist recruitment consultancy to help you hire your perfect team.

We’ve highlighted the key benefits below:

Knowledge of the market
Recruitment consultants, especially those who specialise in a specific area, will live and breathe the industry and they will be able to share their knowledge and industry insights with you. They will know how best to reach available talent, the current salary trends, what benefits you should be offering to stay competitive and how to find the skill sets your company needs. This sort of advice can be invaluable when you’re looking to hire new staff, especially when you’re competing against other companies in the market.

Ability to reach a wider audience
The likelihood is, unless you have a dedicated recruitment specialist in house, the main way you will try to attract candidates is via a job advert. However, this won’t reach every candidate who may potentially be interested in what you have to offer. According to an article on Undercover Recruiter, 60% of the workforce is not looking for a new job, but are willing to discuss a new opportunity. Therefore they won’t be looking at your job adverts, but a skilled recruiter knows where to find them and how to approach them with a relevant opportunity. They will also already have candidates on their books who may meet the skills you need, so it makes sense to team up with an agency rather than trying to do all the hard work by yourself.

Save yourself time
Recruiting for new staff can be a time consuming process –  using a recruitment agency will save you precious time. A great recruiter will do a lot of the preliminary work for you, such as screening CVs, testing a candidate’s skills, and finding out what makes them tick before even passing their details on to you. Once they know your company inside out, they will be able to pick out the candidates who really match what you’re looking for, only introducing you to applicants who truly make the grade – making your job a lot easier and more efficient. Their job doesn’t stop there either – they will also take care of communicating any feedback, job offers and ensuring candidates have the correct ID and rights to work – what’s not to like?

Less risk for you
Once you’ve hired, there’s always the risk of your new recruit not working out. Most recruitment agencies will have processes in place if this happens with someone they placed with you. If your new team member leaves within a certain period of time, a lot of agencies will offer to replace the person for free, or refund part of your fee, something which you would not get when going through the recruitment process alone.

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