With the nights already starting to get darker earlier, at Premier Resourcing we are here today to provide some top tips on how you can stay positive when the sun goes down earlier.

The onset of winter and the shorter days can put people at risk of depression, social withdrawal, lethargy, and anxiety, but this can in many cases be avoided if people know how to stay positive. Here are just some ways that you can stay positive in winter:

Exercise – Make time to move and get exercise in, whether this is a brisk walk after work or a trip to the gym, it will definitely help you to feel better. Physical exercise usually leaves you feeling happier and more relaxed and can also help you to feel better about your appearance.

Eat Well – Processed foods have been proven to cause drops in mood and energy, so pay attention to what you eat and try to eat a healthy balanced diet, at least most of the time. Eat leafy greens, lean proteins, good fats, and complex carbs and make sure that you don’t skip meals.

Cook – Make cooking dinner a positive experience. Put music on, relax and just enjoy it, even think about cooking your dinner with a family member or friend.

Stay Hydrated – Always make sure you have a bottle of water by your side to stay hydrated. If you need a warm drink, consider drinking green tea or another style of herbal tea.

Make Your Home Cosy – Make sure your home is somewhere where you can feel relaxed, make it as comfortable as possible and fill it with things that you love.

Have Something to Look Forward To – Make plans in advance so that you have something to look forward to, this could be anything from a night out with your friends, a brunch date or a new class or hobby. If you have something to look forward to you are bound to feel more positive.

These are just some of the ways that you can stay positive in winter to! If you have any more ideas do not hesitate to share your ideas! 😊


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