Working in recruitment can be competitive, busy and challenging, but it’s a rewarding, exciting, fast paced and satisfying career for the right person.

What traits and skills do you need to be a successful recruitment consultant and is it the career for you? We asked our team what key skills they have which makes them successful recruitment consultants.

Sometimes recruitment can be tough. Things don’t always go your way – client’s change their requirements when you think you’ve found them the perfect person, candidates cancel interviews or other agencies beat you to the finishing line. It happens. You can’t let it get to you, and in this fast paced industry there’s no time to sit around and mope – you have to have the resilience to come back from disappointments quickly and work even harder to get the results you want.

Working in recruitment is busy and there’s always something that needs to be done. You could be recruiting for several roles at one time, liaising with various businesses and candidates, rewriting job adverts or even attending networking events and training courses. Juggling multiple tasks and meeting numerous deadlines requires a good level of organisation and preparation to make sure you reach your best potential and get results. if you’re disorganised, it might not be the job for you!

Communication is another vital skill to have in recruitment and is a key component to keeping both your clients and candidates happy. It’s important to spend time with both parties to find out more about them, what they’re looking for and how you can help. Keeping them up to date with every step of the process is important for a good relationship and great communication could be the difference between a successful relationship and losing out to a competitor.

Relationship Building
Recruitment is all about working closely with both companies and job searchers. Building good relationships can give you the edge on other competitors who don’t have this skill, and being able to make connections with a large pool of people will help you to extend your professional network. Knowing people of all levels, skills and abilities is very useful to any consultant, as who you know in recruitment can sometimes mean more than what you know. Good relationships will also ensure there is a decent level of trust between parties, allowing for a more effective working partnership.

Attention to Detail
Attention to detail is essential for a good recruiter. You will often be emailing details of interview times and locations to potential candidates, sending CVs to clients and discussing important details such as salaries and fees. It’s important to get these details right, as confusing information or misleading emails could lead to mistakes or misunderstandings.You should be a stickler for detail and a perfectionist when it comes to getting things right first time.

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