It’s something we hear all the time in one way or another. Love what you do, work isn’t work if you’re making a difference, life’s too short to be stuck in a job you don’t love.

But what does loving your job actually look like? It won’t look the same for everyone – yet you can see common traits in those that are successful in their roles, while enjoying it too.

Signs you love your job

Being punctual

The old CV cliche is actually true. The simple act of being on time, applied across all aspects of your work, is so important – and it will be easier to do if you enjoy what you’re working on. 

We all have deadlines in some form or another. Consistently delivering your work on time shows that you are reliable and that you take your work seriously. Turning up to meetings on time, every time shows that you take other people’s time seriously and you care about what they have to say.

Solving problems

A business needs to operate effectively internally to be productive and profitable. Contributing to that with your ideas is a great way to show your passion. Beyond your daily, weekly or monthly tasks and deliverables, being passionate about your job means looking for ways to make it better too. You could work more closely with another department, so if you’re in marketing that could mean getting to know your dev team more so you can work together more effectively. 

Being energetic

When you’re working on something you’re passionate about, you’ll naturally feel energetic about it. You’re creative and willing to tackle problems head on. If everything about your work feels like a chore and you begrudge going out of your way to do something, it’s time to hit refresh.

Working well with others

Whatever your role in digital marketing is, you’re part of a wider team working towards the same goal. Having a good relationship with your colleagues comes in handy when you need  last minute favour or have an urgent task. Plus, it makes you better equipped to solve challenges as an individual, team, department and ultimately as a business.

What if you’re not feeling the love?

If you’re finding the above difficult when it comes to work, it’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you happy with what you currently do? It can be difficult to accept that we’re unhappy with a job, especially if it’s taken a lot of hard work and grit to get there. But when you’re unhappy at work, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to creep into your personal life and affect your mood all round, even when you’re not at work. 

Looking for a new job can be daunting but with a professional recruitment company, you’re in safe hands. We get to know you and understand what you’re looking for in a job, and a company, so we can match you up with the right role and the right business.


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