Bespoke recruitment is a service that goes above and beyond a recruitment agency’s typical process. It is tailored to your hiring requirements. For example, we can request additional information or documents if you wish – a driving licence if the role involves travel, for example.

Beyond the paperwork though, bespoke recruitment is about the person.

We take the time to get to know your company and your clients, or customers. After all, they’re the ones your new recruit will be working with. It’s not just about a job title, or even their work experience. We get to know the person themselves, to understand who will be the best fit for your culture, your business and the role itself.

Have you ever received an InMail on LinkedIn about a position that is completely unrelated to your job title and what you actually do? It’s a lazy recruitment tactic to blast out the same message to hundreds of people based on profile keywords. It’s the complete opposite of the bespoke recruitment services offered by Premier Resourcing. 

What makes someone a ‘good fit’?

Someone that will fit well with a business will slot into the company and be comfortable with the way the organisation works, its policies, ethics, and have the right qualities to fulfill their responsibilities. 

Companies have different priorities when it comes to finding the perfect person. Their personality, current role, skills and past experience, and ‘soft skills’ are all things to consider. Qualifications may be a factor but in most cases, the right experience and attitude will win over a degree.

Sometimes it can be tricky to tell if someone will be a good fit without meeting them face to face. Video calls just aren’t the same! That’s why companies choose to work with recruiters – because it’s so much easier! It removes the first step of weeding out people because they just ‘aren’t right’. Our understanding of your company culture means we know the type of person you’re looking for.

What is company culture?

Your company culture is essentially the personality of your business. It’s usually a few statements to summarise the company values, beliefs, and what it’s like to work there. It’s how how you communicate on social media. Maintaining a company culture can be a full time job itself. It usually involves social activities and in-work events like birthdays. 

Every company has a culture, whether it’s actively promoted or not. So, it’s a really good idea to work on building a company culture to attract the type of people you want working for you. It’s another way of marketing your business, really! 

To understand candidates and your business, its culture and its people, takes time, resources and skill. It’s a job that should only be outsourced to a company you can trust, a company that has experience in your sector and, most importantly, a company that won’t waste your time.

If you’re looking to hire marketing and PR executives in London, Premier Resourcing is the company to call. Phone us or get in touch here.

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