More and more people are now not only looking for jobs of high calibre and with a high salary that they can boast about, but also jobs that they can enjoy, after all many of us spend a lot of our time in the workplace so it is important that we can enjoy this time.

But what makes a great workplace? To us, through many years’ experience in working with different companies within a range of sectors, it has become apparent that people that love their workplaces have the following things in common:

Great Coworkers

Workplace friendships are crucial for engagement and productivity. Individuals don’t only feel better when they get along with their coworkers, but work better as a result of this too. Companies can promote workplace friendships by utilising workspace design and team building activities. It can also be a good idea to encourage employees to work in groups sometimes too where possible.

Know their Expectations

Employees are more comfortable and confident in their roles when they understand what the expectations of them are. Uncertainty can cause stress in all situations not only at work, so it is important that all staff have good direction from management so that they know what to do at all times. It is good for staff to always have a set of goals that they can work towards.

Make an Impact

Employees always feel happier when they feel like they are making an impact, no matter how big or small this may be. Employees should always understand the meaning behind the work they are doing and how it is going to make a difference, they should also be praised or rewarded whenever they excel or reach their individual goals and targets.

Feel Recognised

A lot of people find happiness in in-person recognition, even a simple ‘thank you’ can make a real difference to employees. Employees work and feel better when they have regular feedback and appraisals.

What gets your vote at work? If we have missed out the thing that you love most about your workplace, or equally something that you look for in a workplace, let us know!

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