As ex-marketing professionals, we can relate with candidates on a deep level. We understand what they’re looking for, we can break down the jargon and we can highlight your company in the best possible light.

London offers a wealth of career opportunities in marketing, PR and communication-centric jobs. The market is thriving and both clients and candidates alike are looking for opportunities to grow.

Premier Resourcing gives you a fast and effective way to cut through the noise and find the roles or candidates you’re looking for.

Why choose our bespoke recruitment service?

A team of ex-marketers and PR professionals working hard to find marketing and PR candidates for your business. We are marketing and PR specialists – we know what counts and what doesn’t in this dog eat dog world. It gives us a superior advantage when vetting CVs and candidates – we can easily spot people that are ‘exaggerating’ where other recruitment companies may not.

We are dedicated to finding the best-fit person for your business. Whether you’re fully focused on skills and experience, or you’re more fussed about the type of person they are, our recruitment specialists are here to find you hire, bolstering your business offering, powering growth and boosting productivity.

Recruitment is about people, not pushy proposals or ‘spray and pray’ methods. We know the recruitment strategies that work and use the most effective approaches to attract the right people for your business. We are consultants, not sales people. We are here to really understand your business so develop a long term, collaborative relationship that works together to deliver the best candidates for your role.

At Premier Recruitment we care about your culture. Many companies care more about getting the ‘right fit’ person than being dead set on the exact experience, qualifications or skills. We understand that you might be looking for someone with the right attitude or personality to fit with the rest of your team. We take all of this into account, plus your other requirements, when searching for candidates. Our specialist recruiters are available whenever you need to chat or discuss your requirements.

London recruiters that go above and beyond

At Premier Resourcing we provide all the support our clients and candidates need. We are here to find the perfect opportunity for you – not mould you or your criteria to fill a role. Long-term relationships are our goal and we truly believe that the only way to support a mutually beneficial relationship is by getting to truly understand your requirements or career goals. That way we can ensure we only recommend the best fit matches that are most likely to succeed.

To find out more about Premier Resourcing and our bespoke recruitment services in London, please get in touch or give our friendly team a call.

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