2021 is about People Relations. There is a lot going on in the world and now is the time for companies to continue with sensitive, empathetic messaging that’s ‘in the moment’. And with an ever-growing, dynamic digital landscape, brands are competing to engage with their audience.

People relations, human communications

With ever changing situations around the world, it will be the PR & communications team’s responsibility to monitor the tone and implications of upcoming campaigns. Emotions are running high and a wrong word or phrase could give your messaging a whole new meaning.

Being proactive – spotting problems and fixing them before they occur – is critical in a world where information is spread in seconds, so you’ll need to keep up with everything that’s going on, managing multiple tasks, and communicating with others involved effectively. 

Flexibility and being able to adapt to your customer’s changing needs and 2021 will see more brands competing to be in the moment in an ever growing digital landscape. Content needs to be timely and produced in line with your industry norms – unless you’re being daring or making a bold move.

The need to have a deep understanding of your audience and their ever-changing needs will be even more important this year. In 2021, a communications strategy is about being human, open, and honest with messaging. We’re all living through a global pandemic and environmental crisis. 

It’s time for everyone to work together: both customers and clients alike expect to see companies demonstrating how they are doing their bit to support the community and the environment. 

Communications & PR jobs in 2021

PR jobs are demanding so you’ll need to be hungry for success. It’s extremely rewarding to see a campaign go live – but you’ll need to put in the hard work to get there. Companies expect their employees to be innovative and creative. PR and communications involve a lot of creativity so when looking for a PR job, consider the type of company you’d like to work for. It’s hard to get excited and produce your best work if you’re not too interested in the industry.

Being a PR recruiter is about matching the person and the company. We know that the most effective campaigns are only produced with the right people in the driving seat: people with energy, passion, experience, and creativity. We get to know our clients and candidates to get a deep understanding of who would work best together.

With increasing demands on PR professionals, the industry is growing and evolving all the time. It truly is an exciting time to start a PR career or make the switch from a digital marketing role to one more focused on communications in the dynamic digital landscape. 

Whatever you’re looking for from a PR or communications job, Premier Resourcing will support you in finding your perfect role.


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