According to Brand Watch, the average person has between 5 and 6 social media accounts and spends 116 minutes a day interacting on them.

On top of this, in the 12 months leading up to October 2018 social media users grew by 320 million, with 59% of employees saying a company’s social media presence was part of the reason they chose their workplace.

With statistics like this, it makes sense that every business should have a presence on the platforms that are relevant to them, but why is it so important?

We’ve put together some reasons why it could mean the difference between a successful hire or a difficult recruitment experience.

It shows your company moves with the times
Everyone who is anyone is on social media these days and if you want to hire fresh graduates and a tech savvy team, you need to show that your company keeps up with the times when it comes to technology and emerging trends. In a generation that grew up with computers and the internet, it’s not unusual for candidates to search for prospective employers on social media to see how they come across. If you’re nowhere to be found, it’s likely to be an instant turn off and an indication that you’re not keen to embrace modern ways.

It gives potential employees a look behind the scenes
Candidates can do all the research they like when looking for a new job, but most information will only cover what your business does and the roles you have on offer. Social media gives you the chance to show what it’s really like to work for your company – the great relationships colleagues have, the fun you have whilst producing great results and the meaningful projects you support. It’s the perfect place to post content that lets your company’s culture shine and shows prospective employees why you’re a great place to work.

It demonstrates your expertise
Social media is a platform to share your knowledge, ideas and opinions. It’s the perfect place for your company to get involved in (or lead!) relevant and timely discussions around topics that matter to you and doing so will show potential recruits that you know your stuff. Sharing hints and tips in your latest blog, commenting on the latest industry news or showcasing your latest award winning work will all give candidates a taste of what they could be involved in if they were to join your team – who wouldn’t want to be part of a company which knows its stuff?

It showcases your exciting clients
Social media is all about networking, so it’s also the perfect place to showcase the exciting clients you work with by interacting with their posts, sharing their latest news and tagging them in updates. Job searchers will want to know what type of accounts they will be working on, so don’t be afraid to show off who you have great relationships with – it could change someone’s thoughts about working for you.

It can give you a competitive advantage
Ensuring you have a presence on the most relevant social media platforms could give you an advantage over competitors which haven’t quite got the message yet. If a potential candidate is trying to decide between you and another employer, it could be your social media that gives you the edge, and the best thing is, unless you decide on paid advertising, you don’t have pay anything for it.


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